ZNMD Filming Locations | Where was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Shot?

ZNMD Filming Locations

Back in 2011, the idea of 3 men going on a bachelorette trip to Spain to challenge their biggest fears of their life, pretty much gave all youngsters the perfect ideal for their next adventure trip/ bachelorette, the new favorite destination SPAIN.

Spain was always an integral tourist destination in Europe. But Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, or ZNMD as we call it gave us some new travel goals!


ZNMD Fillming Locations

ZNMD is a film about three childhood friends Kabir, Arjun and Imran who’ve grown apart over time. Kabir is getting married to his girlfriend Natasha and decides to take that one grand bachelor trip with two of his closest childhood friends- Arjun and Imran, who aren’t on great terms with each other.

Each one of them is living with issues that have come over time and need awakening and closure.

Spain is the solution to everything!

In Zoya Akhtar’s directorial, the three boys go on a road trip across Spain to 3 different destinations. Each one of them take the chance to pick a destination of their choice. And each destination brings an adventure sport of their choice which the other two have to oblige into trying irrespective of their fear.

Somewhere between the adventure, they learn to address their problems and embrace life!

The film goes by the philosophy, “You live only once!”

ZNMD was largely responsible for introducing/ re-introducing travel themes like:

  • Bachelorette
  • Road Trip Across Spain
  • Adventure Travel
  • Spain Trip
  • Traveling with your best buddies

And soon everyone had a new destination on their bucket list! Spain became the new Goa (ref: Dil Chahta Hai)

ZNMD Filming Locations Decoded:

Let’s figure out where the film was shot!

Kabir, Imran, and Arjun reunite: Barcelona

Kabir, Imran & Arjun fly to Barcelona to kick-start their big boys’ adventure.

Starting from the Barcelona airport, the film drives into the city crossing key attractions like Casa Batllo, Arc De Triomphe.

In the next scene, Imran accompanied by Kabir in search of his estranged painter father Salman Habib headed to Gothic Quarters in Barcelona.

Thus, giving us a brief insight into the beautiful city of Barcelona. Despite a very brief portrayal of this popular Spanish city, Zoya Akhtar’s portrayal of Barcelona through the carefully curated ZNMD filming locations is nothing short of an apt representation of the heart of Barcelona.

Scuba Diving: Kabir’s Pick- Costa Brava

Interestingly, no glimpse of the beach is showcased in Barcelona. Because the first destination of the trip is Costa Brava, about an hour and a half away by road from Barcelona.

Kabir picks Costa Brava for Scuba Diving.

This is where they meet their trainer, Laila. Laila’s intro scene was shot on a nudist beach in Costa Brava.

In this segment of the film, we see a lot of underwater serenity which will easily add Scuba Diving to your bucket list. Would definitely say, this is my favourite from the list of ZNMD filming locations!

La Tomatina: Laila’s Pick- Bunol

After their successful dive & celebratory dinner, Laila invites the boys to join them in celebrating La Tomatina in Bunol.

Bunol is close to Madrid & on the road to their next destination- Seville. The La Tomatina festival of Bunol was recreated for the filming of the song and tomatoes worth INR 10 Million were flown in from Portugal.


After celebrating La Tomatina, they start driving to Seville.

Bunol was an interesting addition in the ZNMD filming locations. It also popularised the La Tomatina festival where locals squeeze and throw the excess tomatoes produced on each other. A lot like the Indian festival Holi.

One thing that ZNMD very successfully establishes is joy if taking a road trip in Spain. The drive even in real is just as enjoyable as it’s reel version!


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Sky Diving: Arjun’s Pick- Andalucia

In Seville, Arjun challenges the boys to take up Sky Diving.

What makes Seville an apt destination for skydiving is the great views from above, options and for companies & cheap costs (Compared to major Spanish cities).

The trio also enjoys a Flamenco show, a typical Spanish dance & music form. This dance sequence was shot in the Andalucian town, Alájar about 100kms from Seville.

The song was shot at night and on the 3rd night, many locals including the Mayor of the town dressed in costumes participated in the filming of the song.

Racing with the Bulls: Imran’s Pick: Pamplona

With the trio Arjun, Kabir & Imran are headed to their final destination- Pamplona.

Imran picks Pamplona to participate on Bull Racing.

Pamplona falls in the Catalunya region. Bullfighting is a very popular but debatable sport across Spain. However, it’s banned in the Catalunian region due to its cruel nature. Bull Racing is enjoyed by many.

ZNMD filming locations also including Vashi and Alibag in Maharashtra, where some portions of the film were shot.

Interesting Facts:

3 friends set out on a 3 weeks long trip across Spain.

What’s interesting is that the Bull Racing Festival in Pamplona takes place in the last week of July. Whereas, La Tomatina happens in the last week of August.

Another interesting fact is that Pamplona, the last stop of the trip is actually closer to both Barcelona and Costa Brava, the first stops as both fall in the Catalunyan region (North West), Bunol is closer to Madrid in the centre and Seville is the capital of the Andalusian region to the south of Spain.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara gives you travel goals of not just a trip but a journey. A journey that you must embark on with those closest… a journey of self-discovery… a journey of celebrating flaws! ZNMD inspires and makes you fall in love with Spain.

We’ve been to Spain twice already, and I cannot think of a happier country in all of Europe. You live only once… what better place than Spain to live and love?

Have you taken a similar trip with your friends? Have you been to Spain? Do you wish to take such a trip once in a lifetime?

Tell us all about your plans and experiences in the comments below 🙂

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