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Awara Diaries is a travel blog run by Parampara & Parichay. What’s special about this collaboration is the difference in their travel styles. Parampara loves to stay at a place to fully know it to the point of becoming a Local Tourist! The local experiences, the people, the places, the events and the stories that unfold give her a major high! Not to miss out, Parampara is also a solo female traveler.

On the other hand, Parichay loves speed. Covering maximum possible places in minimum time is just his favorite thing to do. Travel research, budget planning and travel hacks are definitely his forte. He knows how to travel with family and friends with ease. He’s your go-to travel advisor 😉

So Parampara+ Parichay give you the best of both worlds as they continue to bond over their love for travel and share experiences and hacks with each other and the world.

Awara Diaries was started of this very bonding and aims to share the varied travel stories with travel enthusiasts.

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To grow and benefit the travel community by sharing meaningful and real stories was the reason we started writing about it. We’d love to collaborate with anyone who’d like to do the same.

  • Yes we are willing to guest blog, author articles for publications, guide books, etc
  • We’re happy to take FAM trips (We won’t write unless we experience it)
  • We’re ready to work on social media campaigns for travel brands or collaborate in any possible way.
  • If you have a unique collaboration concept, let’s explore that too!
  • Advertisers, looking for paid posts or website banners, share all your requirements as well.

    Just drop a mail at and we’ll get back to you!

Happy Traveling!