Westfjords – 5 Reasons To Visit The Hidden Gem of Iceland

Westfjords - 5 Reasons To Visit The Hidden Gem of Iceland

Most travelers usually ignore Westfjords while making their Iceland itinerary. Westfjords are ignored because of its remoteness & tricky terrain & supposedly lack of famous attractions in the region. Trust me, that is not the case. The reality of Westfjords is quite different.

Here are a few reasons why you must include Westfjords in your Iceland itinerary/wishlist:

1. Látrabjarg

Latrabjarg, West Fjords

If you love Geographical extremities like me, then you won’t be able to wait to visit Látrabjarg. It is the westernmost point of Iceland AND European continent! You can also find very distinct species of birds around this cliff.


The world famous puffins can be found here & you can easily click pictures of these pretty birds because they are not scared of humans at all. There is a relaxed walking trail along with the edges of the cliff. Just beware around the edge as it is not too strong. If you look on the other side, you may also spot Greenland on a clear day.

Latrabjarg, West Fjords, Iceland

These reasons make Látrabjarg the most visited spot in Westfjords. There is a parking facility nearby but that’s it. Bring your own food if you want to picnic here.

2. Natural Hot Pools


You will find so many natural hot pools around Iceland but in Westfjords, the concentration of these pools is way higher. Natural hot pools can be found in many villages, towns & even in the wild.

Reykjafjardarlaug, West Fjords

One of such hot pools that I visited is known as Reykjafjarðarlaug pool. It is literally in the middle of nowhere but that’s what makes it so exotic. There are 2 pools – One of them is the natural pool where the temperature is about 52 degrees! From the same natural pool, the water goes to the nearby swimming pool (about 5m away) where the water gets cooled down to about 30-35 degrees. There is a changing facility & parking available as well.

Reykjafjardarlaug, West Fjords, Iceland

If you go in shoulder or off season, you will find these pools to yourself only. There are many such natural geothermal pools in Westfjords so keep exploring.

3. Pretty Villages

Adventures in Ísafjörður - West Fjords, Iceland

Credits: Dave Morrow

I stayed in 2 villages of Westfjords – Birkimelur & Flateyri. While in Birkimelur, there was literally nobody around but Flateyri was stunning. The population was around 180 & it was too peaceful because it was the beginning of Summer.

Day 3 - Flateyri

Credits: Serena Tang

If you have more time, then I really recommend seeing more towns of Westfjords, meet people there & just relax in some of these pretty places. It will be totally worth your time. There are guesthouses in almost every town of Westfjords hence it will not be difficult to find a place to stay anywhere in the region.

4. Challenging Roads

Iceland Road

If you look at the overall infrastructure of Iceland, it is amazing considering the remoteness of its regions & the population density. Westfjords is a region with least population, varied terrain & dramatic weather which results in challenging roads sometimes.

Roads in West Fjords

The level of challenge depends on the side that you are coming from. If you are taking an anti-clockwise trip from Reykjavik, then you will find Westfjords quite challenging because you would have driven on the N1 for most of the time. If you are taking a clockwise trip from Reykjavik, then you will not feel too challenged because Westfjords is literally the 2nd region from the capital. In fact, it will boost your confidence while moving forward.

Roads in West Fjords, Iceland

Rocks, snow, green hills, every type of terrain can be seen while moving around Westfjords. It is like touring Iceland in a nutshell.

5. Dynjandi


Ah! This wonderful waterfall should not be missed while visiting Iceland. Technically, there are many small waterfalls in the same vicinity. My personal favorite is this clear stream called Hundafoss. The blue water makes it very charming. The larger one (the iconic shape) is called Dynjandi.

Dynjandi, West Fjords

There is a hiking trail from the parking to the main waterfall. It will take 15-20 minutes & it is totally worth hiking here. Once there, take a deep breath & experience the freshest air.

Dynjandi, West Fjords, Iceland

Westfjords is definitely an experience that you must take when you are taking a trip to Iceland.

Check out the complete video guide to Westfjords here:

Pictures: Parichay Mehta

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