Valletta To Gozo Ferry – The Complete Guide

Valletta To Gozo Ferry – The Complete Guide

Malta is one of the prettiest European Microstates. It has got spectacular beaches and scenery. There are 3 islands in the country that you can visit. The main island of Malta is the biggest and has most of the tourist attractions, the airport, and the capital city of Valletta. The second biggest island of Gozo which also has got some of the most fascinating sites in Malta. The third is the island of Comino which is famous for its Blue Lagoon beach. In this blog, we are not only going to discuss Valletta to Gozo Ferry but also other modes of inter-island transport.

Most of the tourists, including us, prefer staying in Malta and then traveling to Gozo and Comino as a day trip. It is easy because the distance isn’t that much and you can easily cover these islands in a day if you want. There are several options to travel between these islands. First, we are going to talk about the ferries between Malta and Gozo.

The island of Malta has 2 ports which are of importance for tourists. The first one is in the capital city of Valletta called the Grand Harbour. The second port is situated on the northern tip of the island and is called Cirkewwa. If you have a vehicle (scooter or car), then you will have to go to Cirkewwa port to board the ferry. If you are going to either use a bicycle or public transport, you can simply use the Valletta to Gozo Ferry.

Valletta To Gozo Ferry Schedule

From 1st May to 30th September, Gozo Fast Ferry follows the following schedule:

Valletta To Gozo (Mgarr) Gozo (Mgarr) To Valletta
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
6:45 7:30 5:45 6:30
7:45 8:30 6:45 7:30
9:45 10:30 7:45 8:30
10:45 11:30 8:45 9:30
11:45 12:30 10:45 11:30
12:45 13:30 11:45 12:30
14:00 14:45 13:00 13:45
15:45 16:30 14:30 15:15
16:45 17:30 15:45 16:30
17:45 18:30 16:45 17:30
18:45 19:30 17:45 18:30
19:45 20:30 18:45 19:30
20:45 21:30 19:45 20:30
21:45 22:30 20:45 21:30
22:45 23:30 21:45 22:30
Additional trip on weekends 0:45 1:30
0:15 1:00 Additional trip on weekends
22:45 23:30

You can opt for any combination that you require. Ideally, we suggest that you take the 9:45 ferry from Valletta and the return ferry at 20:45. This should give you enough time in Gozo to see most of the things that it has to offer.

Location Of Ports

The Valletta to Gozo ferry option obviously requires you to go to the ports. In Valletta, you should go to Lascaris Wharf Terminal. It is located in the Grand Harbour of Valletta. The Gozo Fast Ferry leaves from Lascaris Wharf Terminal. It should be easy to spot.

In Gozo, there is only one port called Mgarr Harbour Terminal. You will be dropped at Mgarr and the return ferry will also be from the same place. From Mgarr, you can either take public transport to reach other destinations in Gozo or rent a car/bike and get around.

Valletta To Gozo Ferry Ticket Prices

I am going to assume that you are a tourist who is reading this blog, so I am just going to give you fares for tourists. It is straightforward.

Type of fare Cost
Adult €7.50 one-way
Child (4-10) €3.00 one-way

The return ferry ticket would cost €15. No discounts there. You can buy the tickets either from their app (Gozo Fast Ferry) or online from their website. You can also get tickets from several resellers around the ports. Just make sure that the prices are not hiked up.

Comino Connect

Unfortunately, Gozo Fast Ferry doesn’t offer any connection to Comino. If you want to go to Comino on the same day, you can take a return ferry from Gozo as there are various options available between those 2 islands. Comino is also closer to Gozo than to Malta. If you are taking a Cirkewwa to Gozo Ferry, then you will have the option to add Comino to the mix.


Valletta to Gozo ferry option is perfect for anyone who wants to explore Gozo Island in a day. It is perfect for those who want to either use the public transport of Gozo or rent a bicycle, scooter, or car on Gozo for a day. It is not suitable for someone who already has rented a vehicle in Malta and wants to use the same vehicle on Gozo too. For those, refer to our Cirkewwa to Gozo Ferry Guide.

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