Things To Do In Dubai, UAE: Dubai Travel Guide

Things To Do In Dubai

Over the last two decades, Dubai has rapidly grown as the preferred tourism destination for travelers from across the globe. It’s the liveliest and the most developed emirate and is accountable for over 90% tourism of the UAE. Dubai is popular as a luxury destination to travellers from across the globe. For Indian tourists, it’s one of the top visited destinations. One reason being cheap flights to Dubai & easy visa process.

Almost all major airlines in the world fly to Dubai. Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines to visit Dubai.

Commonly, Dubai is popular for it’s malls and shopping options. But the most commendable part of the development of this city is how it has grown with it’s architecture and planning to come up with some of the finest arts and entertainment services in the world to provide the city the much needed boost in tourism.

Ideally, you’d need at least good 4 days to go around the major attractions of Dubai. The number of which is only rising by the day. The extra days can be easily accounted in for shopping.

Dubai Skyline

Dubai is a well developed and well connected city. It has endless and convenient transport options, such as buses, metros, cabs, monorail. Start with buying a NOL card and refill it to avail it for your transportation fare.

A NOL card is a plastic debit card only  for transportation bills and is valid across all public transport options- buses, metros, connecting buses. You need to tap in & out every time you enter and exit the public transport.

Things To Do In Dubai In 4 Days

Dubai Mall

Things To Do In Dubai

The Dubai Mall is the most popular shopping mall in Dubai. It is one of the biggest, offers the largest variety of international and boutique brands. In fact, almost every big brand in the world has it’s outlet in this mall.  The Dubai mall also offers a wide range of wholesome entertainment for all age groups. Apart from shopping and restaurants, the Fountain Show, Burj Khalifa and experiential activities and games at the Dubai Ice Rink, Underwater Zoo are hugely popular at this mall.

Tickets: Free

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro (Dubai Mall Station)

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink

Yes, I fell after this picture! But I tried learning |Dubai Ice Rink

Set in The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Ice Rink is one of the most popular activity centers in the mall and is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

The Ice Rink is your chance at learning and practicing Ice Skating in the city. The evening and weekend sessions are even more fun with varieties such as Bollywood music sessions, etc.

Tickets: 60 AED onwards

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro (Dubai Mall Station)

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

No matter what age group you belong to, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo promises you a thrilling ride with a bunch of exciting experiences. The specialty of this attraction is the variety of sharks that are up for display, experiences like cage diving, shark watching, and scuba diving.

There is also a separate section- Underwater Zoo which contains a range of underwater animals- fishes, seals, crocodiles, penguins, sea horses, etc.

Tickets: 100 AED onwards

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro (Dubai Mall Station)

4D Cinema Experience

Now this one was a truly “International Movie Watching Experience” ? @reelcinemas #CinemawaaliInDubai #AwaraInUAE

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Cinema chains like Reel Cinemas offer movie watching in 4D. This is a must try film watching experience for all cinelovers as it gives you not just the audio-visual experience of the film, but a sensory experience as well. Which means, your seats could tilt, you could feel the gush of air, water sprinkle just as it happens on screen.

Tickets: 100 AED onwards

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro (Dubai Mall Station)

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s pride and currently the tallest building in the world. It’s indeed synonymous to tourism in the city and a visual that most love to see. This 163-floored building is 830m tall. Guests are allowed to visit and get a view from the top till the 148th floor (At The Top).

We’d recommend booking your At The Top tickets in advance.

The most preferable time slot would be 4pm-7pm.

Tickets: 125 AED onwards

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro (Burj Khalifa Station)

Fountain Show

Every evening, visitors of the Dubai Mall queue up outside the mall to witness the Fountain Show which happens for a duration of approx. 10 mins at the beginning of every hour starting 7pm.

This view is indeed a treat and beyond all, comes free of cost for all.

Tickets: Free

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro (Dubai Mall Station)

Burj Al Arab

Things To Do In Dubai

A swanky 7 star hotel over looking the sea by the Jumeirah Beach stands Burj Al Arab. Another prestigious piece of architecture, this is quite a favorite amongst the foreign tourists, especially for it’s famous observatory deck.

Tickets: Meal Costs/ Free View From Outside

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro

Palm Jumeirah

Dubai (67)

The world famous Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. One of the most elite areas of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is home to some of the world famous personalities such as Madonna, Shah Rukh Khan, David Beckham and Giorgio Armani.

Tickets: Free

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Monorail

Jumeirah Beach

Things To Do In Dubai

The Jumeirah beach is a white sand beach that is located in the Jumeirah district of Dubai. It’s a great spot for water sports, sun bathing and breezy evenings, beach parties, etc. Many locals head here for an evening jog. The Jumeirah Beach is a well equipped beach, and great spot for hanging out an enjoying the coastal area of the city. Over looking the beach, standing tall is the Burj Al Arab which is a great sight especially in the evenings.

Tickets: Free

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro (Mall Station)

Bur Dubai

Things To Do In Dubai

On the south of the Dubai Creek is the Bur Dubai area with major historical and cultural sights like Dubai Heritage Village and the Al Fahidi Fort. It is also very popular for it’s Old Souq and the Gold Souq. Major handicrafts, fabrics, designer clothes, jewellery variants are found in these markets. Unlike the mall culture, those who love bargaining come here to get a good deal for some great quality products.

Tickets: Free

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro / Araba

Heritage Village

Heritage Village. Dubai.

Dubai Heritage Village was home to some of the most respected Sheikhs in the Emirate. It also contains treaties, documents, currencies and evidences of historical significance to Dubai.

Tickets: 3 AED

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro

Al Fahidi Fort/Dubai Fort Museum

Things To Do In Dubai

Set in the Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Fort Museum is one of the few key monuments that contain the history of this Emirate. With the help of some plastered models, some real furniture and construction, the Fort Museum has been specially designed to speak of the history and transformation of Dubai over the years.

It gives you a brief glimpse into the history of this now advanced city.

Tickets: 3 AED

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro 


Dolphinarium, Dubai

The Creek Park, hosts a range of activities for kids of all groups. The activities include camel rides, garden, slides, games, competitions, etc. One of the most popular activities here, is watching the Dolphins, Seals and the Bird Show. The Dolphinarium offers the unique opportunity to watch trained Dolphins perform tricks, bird shows and a chance for the kids to interact with the Dolphins as well.

It’s an exciting and must try experience for all age groups, especially for children.

Tickets: 40 AED onwards

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro 

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG World is popular theme park with games and rides after major superheroes and action figures in the world. Right from the Hulk and other Avengers, to the Powerpuff girls, there’s everyone in here!

Tickets: 245 AED onwards

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro 

Bollywood Park

For all Bollywood fans, Dubai Park Resorts group has come up with the Bollywood Park. This is a Bollywood themed park, with rides based around some of the most popular Hindi movies.

This park has a lot to offer to visitors from all age groups.

Tickets: 215 AED onwards

How To Reach: Taxi/ Bus/ Metro 

Desert Safari

Things To Do In Dubai

Desert Safari is a one of the most  popular and exciting tourist activity all across the Gulf Region. Since majority of tourists base their stay in Dubai, they tend to pick on a local desert safari. Desert Safari is a fun filled evening in the desert which comes along activities like-

Things To Do In Dubai

  • Dune Bashing
  • Quad Biking (at extra costs)
  • Dinner
  • Henna Tattoo
  • Photo opps
  • Camel Ride
  • Tanoura Dance
  • Belly Dance Performances
  • Fire Show

Tickets: 80 AED onwards

Dhow Cruise

Things To Do In Dubai

The Dhow Cruise gives you a one of its kinds Arabian experience as you go around the waters of the Dubai Creek.

This experience includes*-

  • Tanoura & Other Folk Dance Performances
  • Fire Show
  • Arabic Dinner+ Drinks
  • Sheesha
  • Henna Tattoo

Tickets: 100 AED onwards*

*Depends on tour operator & package

Things To Do In Dubai

The slightly expensive option to this would be the Marina Cruise that cruises around the Palm Jumeirah Island.


Wingsuit Flying over the Palm Islands Dubai

A thrilling bucket list item for many is Skydiving over the Palm Islands. Hence, it is one of the most sought after activities by tourists in UAE! Skydiving Dubai is the leading company in the city with a great training staff, safety standards and equipments.

Tickets: 2000 AED onwards


Fridays in the UAE are equivalent to Sundays and are the weekly off days across all industries. Thursdays are half working days for most industries. This could be helpful while altering your plans.

Most tourists are likely to set base in Dubai while visiting the UAE. While the major attractions and activities are centred here, there’s also a lot to do in the near by emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah.

These activities can explored during day trips from Dubai.

In case you’d like to add your ideas to the list of things to do in Dubai, comment below.

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