The 20 Most Instagrammable Spots In Iceland

The 20 Most Instagrammable Spots In Iceland

If we go by the social media, Iceland definitely comes on top when it comes to the most beautiful landscape pictures. The raw & rugged beauty of the Icelandic landscape is something completely different from other countries. For many photographers, Iceland is like heaven. For many brands, it is an ideal place to shoot with their products. For many Hollywood directors, Iceland is the terrain that looks like another planet.

One of the most important aspects of our lives is social media, specifically Instagram. I had taken a 17 days road trip around Iceland & here are some of my most favorite & definitely instaworthy spots in the country.

South Iceland

South Iceland is the most popular region of Iceland. People who are visiting Iceland for even 3 days, especially visit this region to explore its beauty. Here are my personal favorite places of South Iceland.




Diamond Beach


The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is the second famous trail that tourists opt for. On this trail, you can visit Gullfoss (The most popular waterfall in Iceland), Geysir (Thermal hot springs) & Thingvellir National Park (one of the most important places for the Icelandic people).



Reykjavik City

For most people, their entry & exit point is Reykjavik & this city is quite different from other cities that you might have visited. Reykjavik is different, peaceful & worth exploring for a day. Here are 2 of most favorite spots in the capital.


The Sun Voyager

North Iceland

For people who have more days, they straight fly to Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland to explore the region. I recommend visiting North Iceland for the diverse landscapes this region has to offer.

The Arctic Henge





West Iceland

West Iceland is the closest region to the capital – Reykjavik. Many people take a day trip from Reykjavik to West Iceland for the exploration. I particularly fell in love with these 2 places.



West Fjords

The least explored region in whole Iceland is West Fjords. It is remote, rugged, least-developed & harder to visit especially during bad weather. The region does not have special spots to offer but there is a different sort of beauty to experience while visiting West Fjords.


Roads of West Fjords

Reykjanes Peninsula

Unknowingly, all the tourists coming to Iceland come on the Reykjanes Peninsula at least twice. This is because the Keflavik airport is situated on the peninsula. Also, the world famous Blue Lagoon is also located on the Reykjanes Peninsula. There’s much more you can discover when you are on Reykjanes Peninsula. For eg:



Photos by Parichay Mehta

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