Slovenske železnice: Slovenian Railways Is Bad

Slovenske železnice: Slovenian Railways Is Bad

Slovenske železnice or Slovenian Railways is the national railway system of Slovenia. The country is so beautiful, and its national railway is equally bad.

My review is based on 1 route:

1. Ljubljana – Zagreb


Okay, so the cost of tickets in Slovenian Railways is negligible. If you have a valid Eurail Pass, you don’t require seat reservations as well. Just hope on any train & start traveling.


Among other international train companies, Slovenian Railways was one of the least punctual one. The train came in late, we reached Zagreb late & the train stopped in between for a long time.

Also, if you are traveling from Ljubljana to Zagreb, there’s a border control in force at Dobova. Croatian security checks your passport, visa & tickets thoroughly. That takes a lot of time as well.


The second least comfortable train I’ve ever travelled in. (The first one being Hrvatske željeznice AKA Croatian Railways)

Seats don’t recline, legspace is almost absent. Windows are dirty so the beautiful view outside doesn’t matter. Croatian security while border crossing aren’t friendly either so there was no way to feel comfortable during the entire journey.


Frequency of Slovenian Railways isn’t really good. If you miss a direct connection, you have an option to do a break journey (minimum 2 changes) or wait for 6-8 hours for the next direct connection.

Please plan your journey according to the schedule & stick to it while traveling in or out of Slovenia.

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Except decent toilets, there was nothing else in the train. Seriously, nothing else!

Luggage Space

Good news finally. There’s a good space to keep your luggage in Slovenian Railways trains. You can find these spaces on both sides of the coach. Overhead luggage space is equally good, enough to fit in a medium bag.

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