SJ: How is Sweden’s Railway System?

SJ: How is Sweden's Railway System?

SJ stands for Statens Järnvägar. In English, it is called The Swedish State Railways.SJ runs in Sweden & has certain connections between Norway, Sweden & Finland.

My review is based on 1 route.

  1. Narvik, Norway to Kiruna, Sweden


Sweden is one of the Scandanavic countries & these countries are notorious for their expensive stuff. But Sweden is different. This journey from Narvik to Kiruna didn’t cost me much. The cost of a ticket was merely 128 SEK (Rs. 1047). It was a 3 hours journey.


In all 3 countries’ transportation systems, SJ turned out to be the most punctual system ever. There are 2 trains between Narvik & Kiruna. One departs at 10:40 & the other one departs at 12:40. My reservation was in the 2nd train but since I reached the station at 10:35, they let me sit in the 1st train without making any fuss.


The trains are really comfortable. They can be reclined to a great extent. There are dustbins near every seat & folding tables as well. The best part about this train is not seat, but the view. The spectacular panorama of Norwegian & Swedish borders is mesmerising. You will forget about the comfort level of your seat for sure.


SJ’s frequency is not a much as NSB’s departures. But they are well-timed. If you are planning to go from Stockholm to Northern parts, they have perfectly timed trains.

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The train in which I travelled, there were only 2 coaches. Both were passengers coaches so no on-board services. You have to bring your own food, water & entertainment. You will get plugs to charge your gadgets though.

Luggage Space

For 2 coaches, there is enough luggage space. They have a rack in between 2 coaches & also one in the middle of each coach. Overhead luggage space is very spacious & can fit a large bag there.

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