Serbian Railways – How Is The Experience?

Serbian Railways - How Is The Experience?

If you have been reading our blog for a long, you already know how much we love trains in Europe. If you are new to our blog, welcome to the party! We are going to talk about our experience with the Serbian Railways.

When we travel, we really love traveling by train. So obviously while researching, we checked if we could use the Serbian Railways for at least a part of the trip. We got lucky because there was a train between Novi Sad and Belgrade.

This review is based on just one journey that we took from Novi Sad to Belgrade.

Cost Of Tickets

The route between Novi Sad and Belgrade has been introduced with high-speed trains. We reached the train station about an hour before the departure and got a ticket from the counter. We paid RSD 400 per person for a 2nd class ticket. This train did not have a 1st class but for the trains that had a better compartment, the cost was 1.5x that of the 2nd class.

We thought the tickets were pretty cheap compared to what you usually pay across other European countries.


Punctuality of Serbian trains

We did not have high hopes from the Serbian Railways in terms of punctuality so we were expecting a delay of 10-15 minutes in any case. But our train was delayed by almost 30-35 minutes.

What makes it worse is that the journey between Novi Sad and Belgrade was supposed to take only 36 minutes. But even the journey took 60-65 minutes. So technically, we lost about an hour. Luckily, we did not have any connecting buses/flights.


Seats In The Train

We traveled in the 2nd class compartment of the train. It was pretty much at par with the other European trains. The wagon was very clean and fitted with huge windows. The seats were really comfortable and offered very good leg space as well.

Serbian Railways’ Frequency

This is another positive. The Novi Sad <-> Serbia route is pretty busy and there are trains going every 40-60 minutes. The frequency between these two cities is definitely great.


If you have traveled by other European trains, especially the Western European ones, then you are probably used to having restaurants, high-speed WiFi, toilets, etc. This train did not have any of it. It was more like a normal, suburban train without any frills.

Luggage Space

Serbian Railways Interior

If you are traveling with big bags, then finding a space for them would be tough. We couldn’t find a separate luggage rack on the train. Small bags can be placed in the rack above or under the seats.

So in the end, Serbian Railways is a mixed bag. While the ticket cost, comfort, and frequency are the positive points, punctuality, services, and luggage space are letdowns.

You can book your ticket via their official website.

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