Review: We Crociferi, Venice

Review- We Crociferi, Venice

If there is one city that has my heart during this trip, its Venice or as locals call it: Venezia. We spend 2 lovely days in Venice & we stayed at We Crociferi. Here is a detailed review of our beautiful stay.


Location of We Crociferi

As you know, Venice is all about boats, canals & bridges. Entire Venice is situated on an island. It takes about 25 mins from the Terminal station. You can take a boat from the Boat station (heh!) which is just outside the train station. We Crociferi is located in a peaceful area of Venice. You can reach the crowd of tourists in just 10 minutes though!

Staff of We Crociferi

You will find many staff members at We Crociferi. The reception is open 24×7 & their bar is open till late. You will find some lovely staff members who’ll fasten your check-in process. Ask them for suggestions about local outlets, food, festivities & you will get some absolutely amazing suggestions.

Room Quality

We stayed at a proper serviced apartment at We Crociferi. It was a beautiful room for 4 people. There were 4 single beds (you can request for double as well) in the apartment. There was a small common area, dining area, kitchen with useful utensils for cooking & a big, spacious bathroom. There was a special room for luggage as well (at least we used it like that). That’s not the best thing about the room yet, though! The view of the Venetian Canal from our room was a cherry on top.

Lovely comfortable beds, clean bed sheets & towels were there for our use every day. The room service cleaned up our room every day as well. No complaints at all for the room!

Bar & Restaurant

Kitchen of We Crociferi

If you would like to cook your own food, there’s a special kitchen in the room for you. But if you prefer eating something local, then they do have few delicacies in their restaurant.

They also have a great bar with drinks at affordable prices. Go there just to have a drink, or a talk with the bartender or simply to enjoy their beautiful bar.

Amenities 3 We Crociferi

The breakfast spread at We Crociferi is moderate & does the job. It is served in the restaurant area as well.


They have a lot of space! You can chill in the common area. My favorite part was definitely the outer common area. Unfortunately, it was too cold to sit outside for a longer time. Amenities wise, everything that you need in a hotel/hostel/serviced apartment is already present in your room!


If you are visiting Venice (which you should), then there isn’t any better place to stay than We Crociferi. They are very well priced & offer high quality stay experience!

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Photos by: Nirali Naik

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