Review: The Beautiful Belgrade Airbnb That Captured Our Hearts

Review: The Beautiful Belgrade Airbnb That Captured Our Hearts

While planning a trip to Serbia, Belgrade was a pain for us. We could not locate the historic center of the city. The hotels were either too expensive or too shabby for the price. We did not want to spend a crazy amount of money for 2 nights but we also did not want to live in a weird hotel. Alas, this beautiful Belgrade Airbnb came to our rescue.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Veki & T’s Amazing City Oasis!

Location of the Belgrade Airbnb

Being the capital of Serbia, Belgrade is a huge city. You can go on for kilometers in a single direction and you will find a thriving civilization everywhere. This Belgrade Airbnb was about 25 minutes away from Belgrade’s Train & Bus Station by tram or bus.

It is located in an inner residential area. Main Street is just 3 minutes away, but you get a lot of peace once you enter the apartment. The place has a patio (almost as big as the house) in front and you can also find cats roaming around. We spotted about 5 different cats which just roamed around the patio and waited to be patted by us.

There are quite a few restaurants, supermarkets, and bakeries nearby, but remember that it is not the city center or a touristy area. If you want to be pampered like a tourist, you should take a tram and head to the center instead.

The Check-in Process

We never met the hosts in person but they did such a fabulous job in guiding us. They had a detailed welcome message, how to reach from the train station to their apartment and everything else clearly conveyed via photographs and maps. They made the check-in process a piece of cake.

Living Area

Belgrade Airbnb Living Area

Look I am not going to lie but this Belgrade Airbnb was the best Airbnb I have ever stayed in. Every single thing in the house was probably handpicked and the hosts paid a lot of attention to detail in everything. The living area was huge! There were sofas, big TV, books, a heater, a dining table, chairs, coffee tables, antiques, and much more.

Everything was so comfortable and nice that we did not even want to leave the apartment to explore the city.


Belgrade Bedroom

The bedroom was cozy and cute. The bed was pretty comfortable and we had 2 good nights’ sleep here. There was a wardrobe and a separate heater for the bedroom which came in handy.


Belgrade Kitchen

The kitchen was packed. I was really impressed with how it was completely stocked with everything. I felt at home because there were all the possible utensils, spices, condiments, cutlery, and crockery. You name a thing in the kitchen and it was there. The fridge was perfect, the dishwasher worked well, the gas was great and of course, there was a microwave AND a baking oven (we made use of both).

The dining area was just near the kitchen. It was neatly arranged with superior lighting and art pieces. The chairs were also comfortable.


Belgrade Bathroom

The bathroom was tastefully decorated too. It was very clean and completely stocked. Right from shampoo, body wash, soaps, loofah, and hand wash to towels, napkins, and even candles, everything was present in the right quantity. The bathroom, too, had a separate heater.

Other Amenities At The Belgrade Airbnb

The other Airbnbs I have been to, have mostly the bare necessities in them. It is okay if you do that because as a traveler you only need certain essentials when you are traveling. But when you get something like Veki & T’s Airbnb, it gives you homely vibes. For all the time that we stayed here, we felt as if we were living in a home lovingly created and decorated by passionate people.

Would I pay extra to live in such a property? Definitely.


Here is the shocker. I could not believe it when I first found this Belgrade Airbnb on the website. We paid €93 for 2 nights for 2 people! It was that cheap! I mean we could not even find hotels that we liked in Belgrade which were this cheap. Their pricing was the cherry on top with the whole apartment being one giant cake.

Special Note

On the day of check-out, our bus was going to leave at 9 PM so we asked our hosts if we could leave the luggage at the property till evening. To our surprise, they asked us to stay at the apartment till 6 PM if we wanted to. A few people do offer late check-in but that’s by an hour or so. Our hosts were so nice to even consider our request and give such a generous offer.

Overall, if you are planning to go to Belgrade, make sure you are staying only at this lovely Belgrade Airbnb. If I were you, I’d go to Belgrade only when there are dates available at Veki & T’s apartment!

Check out Veki & T’s Airbnb here: Amazing City Oasis with Garden

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