Review: Smart Place Paris Gare du Nord

Location Smart Place Paris Hostel

Paris is a HUGE city, that makes the stay option really important. We were in Paris for 4 days & we chose Smart Place Paris Hostel. Here’s a detailed review of our stay.


Location Smart Place Paris Hostel

Paris is an expensive city. Transportation, City Cards, Accommodations, Food, everything is quite a lot expensive than many other Western European cities. If you are visiting many cities (by train) like us (backpackers), then it is always better to find a hostel near the main train stations of Paris.

Great news! Smart Place Paris is only about 5 mins walking from Gare du Nord. It cuts down on a lot of time & money and that’s definitely one of the best things about this wonderful hostel.

Staff of Smart Place Paris

Smart Place Paris has a 24-hours reception. It means you can check-in or check-out anytime & there will always be someone to help you with queries. Staff is really helpful. They will always have some offbeat, interesting locations around Paris that you might not find on blogs, websites or touristy maps. Follow their tips & enjoy Paris like a local.

Room Quality

Smart Place Paris is an old building, which means narrow hallways & narrow lift. The good part about lift is that its there, the bad part about the lift is that it is too small to even fit 2 people.

We stayed in a 4-bed dorm with private bathroom. The room was quite spacious (for us, spacious means lot of space left in the room even after so much luggage)! The beds were soft & nice. Bedding was clean.

Lighting of the room could’ve been better but the view from the window definitely makes up for it.

Bathroom was clean & the room service used to clean it everyday.

Kitchen Quality


The hostel has a small kitchen for guests on the ground floor. Even though the size of the kitchen was small, there was hardly any waiting time to cook. They have many utensils & free food in their cabinets.

Also, the French breakfast is definitely a treat. A croissant, a cup of coffee & a juice – Perfect way to start the day in Paris. 😉


Amenities-wise, there isn’t much to do in Smart Place Paris. They do have a outdoor seating area, a foosball table & computers to use. Their WiFi is pretty fast as well.

We would recommend that you get out of the hostel, explore areas of Montmartre, visit Moulin Rouge & Sacré cœur which is within walking distance of the hostel.


Smart Place Paris is a centrally located hostel with friendly staff & spacious rooms. If you are looking for a cheap stay in a central location, nothing can beat Smart Place Paris! 😀

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Photos by: Nirali Naik

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