Review: Hostel Ruthensteiner, Vienna

Review- Hostel Ruthensteiner, Vienna

Vienna, the royal city of Europe, is one of our favorite cities of Europe. During this trip to Vienna, we decided to stay at Hostel Ruthensteiner of Vienna. Here’s our detailed review of this historic & wonderful hostel of Vienna.


Location of Hostel Ruthensteiner

Hostel Ruthensteiner is bang in the middle of Vienna. Only 5 mins walking from Vienna Westbahnhof, Hostel Ruthensteiner has everything around it. Its easily reachable from the airport and Vienna Hauptbahnhof. You can visit most of the attractions of Vienna from here. Schonbrunn Palace is only 15 mins away from the hostel.

Staff of Hostel Ruthensteiner

Staff of Hostel Ruthensteiner

Some qualities are common in all the hostel staff but Hostel Ruthensteiner’s staff is unique. Not only they are friendly & helpful, they also go an extra mile to think about off-beat suggestions & present you with an unique itinerary. Their reception is 24×7 open. They also give you a free coupon which you can redeem for a beer or a beverage. 😉

Room Quality

Room Quality of Hostel Ruthensteiner

We stayed in a 4-bed dorm at Hostel Ruthensteiner. It was spacious & with all our bags, there was still some space left. The beds were quite soft & nice. There were lockers for individual beds as well. But the best part of the hostel is outside the room!

Kitchen Quality

They have a fully stocked kitchen at the hostel. Its small but does the job. You can easily cook whatever you want in their kitchen because they do have a wide range of clean utensils. If you don’t have certain ingredients, you can check the free food shelf. If you still don’t find anything there, you can make a quick trip to Westbahnhof’s supermarket which is just 5 mins away from Hostel Ruthensteiner.

They do offer a great breakfast as well. They also offer fresh waffles in their breakfast! <3


Hostel Ruthensteiner is full of amenities. They have a large number of lockers if you want to keep your bags during your stay or after checking out (EUR 2 refundable deposit per locker). They have a BBQ facility, outdoor seating, life-size chess set, bike rentals, community dinners, board games, excellent Wi-Fi, & desktops.


If you are visiting Vienna & looking out for a great stay experience, then Hostel Ruthensteiner is definitely that choice.

Book it directly from their website for the lowest rates!

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Photos by: Nirali Naik

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