Review: Elisaveta’s Airbnb In Novi Sad

Review: Elisaveta's Airbnb In Novi Sad

We traveled to Novi Sad, Serbia for 2 days in January 2023. It was the 29th country that we set foot in. The first thing we started looking out for was a place to stay in Novi Sad and we zeroed down on Elisaveta’s Airbnb in Novi Sad. Our review is based on the 2 nights we spent here.

Location Of The Airbnb

The location of the apartment/hostel/hotel is very important when we travel. This Airbnb in Novi Sad is about 20 mins away from the Central Bus & Train Station of Novi Sad. It is fairly easy to reach as there is a bus right from the Central Bus & Train Station that goes to a stop about 5 mins away from the apartment.

The apartment is located inside a residential building. It is fairly easy to get inside once you have the key. It is really secure as the main gate can only be opened either by a key or a code.

The more important feature is the historic center of Novi Sad, of course. The center and all of the major sights of Novi Sad are just a couple of minutes away from the apartment. This allows tourists like us to get out of the apartment and explore a lot more. As it is close to the center, we did not even spend money on public transportation (so that was a save)!

There are many restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. Also, local bakeries and supermarkets are present around. We also found a 24 hours market just 2 minutes away from the apartment.

How Was The Check-in Process?

Elisaveta had notified me that she will be coming to hand over the key via messages a day ago. Unfortunately, our Austrian SIM card did not work in Serbia and we did not have a Serbian SIM card yet, hence we could not contact her immediately upon arriving.

After waiting for about 10 minutes we spotted Elisaveta and she guided us to the house. Except for this SIM card glitch, the check-in process was very smooth. Elisaveta is friendly and nice.

The Apartment

We absolutely love a great apartment that has a kitchen. Elisaveta’s apartment was neat and clean when we checked in. It is a studio apartment, so a bed, a sofa, a stocked kitchen, and a clean bathroom.

It is a spacious apartment and it is facing the road, so enough sunlight as well. There is a small balcony in case you want to sit, chill and watch locals go by. If you smoke, this is where you can smoke too.

What About The Kitchen?

The kitchen is an absolute must for us as we like cooking a few meals while traveling as well. In this apartment, the kitchen is pretty much like any normal apartment (which has 4 burners instead of 2). The kitchen has a fridge, sink, and dustbin.

In terms of ingredients, there were a couple of essentials like salt and sugar, etc. There were also many utensils we could use to cook stuff.

Did We Sleep Well?

The bed in the studio was a little small but very comfortable. The bedsheets, pillows, and blankets were very clean and spotless. There was extra bedding too. There was AC which acted as a heater which ensured a comfortable sleep.

The Bathroom

There was one bathroom which a WC, a sink, and a bathing compartment. It also had a washing machine which is rare in Airbnb apartments. The bathroom was completely stocked with soaps, toilet paper, shampoo, body wash, napkins, towels, hand wash, etc.

Was It Expensive Or Pocket-Friendly?

We paid €60 for 2 nights for 2 people which was a great deal for us. Especially when the apartment was this good in terms of quality and close to the attractions of Novi Sad.

Overall, Elisaveta’s apartment was comfortable, warm, and really nice to live in. It was a complete value-for-money deal.

Check out Elisaveta’s Airbnb here: Central Evergreen Studio -Public parking area

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