Review: Dutchies Hostel, Amsterdam

Review- Dutchies Hostel, Amsterdam

Dutchies Hostel is a beautiful backpackers’ hostel in Amsterdam. We stayed here for 4 nights during our visit to Amsterdam!


Dutchies Hostel Location

Dutchies Hostel is located about 20 mins away from Amsterdam Centraal Station. It is situated in one of the most peaceful areas of Amsterdam (which is rare to find).

If you are looking for a hostel with a relaxed surrounding amidst the hustle bustle of Amsterdam, then Dutchies Hostel is perfect!


Dutchies Hostel Staff

Ah! The best thing about Dutchies Hostel is definitely their staff! Everyone working in the hostel is so friendly & helpful. They will help you with everything!

I’d like to highlight this incidence. We accidentally dropped a memory card between 2 floors. It looked impossible to get that memory card out. We were quite tensed because quite a lot of data was in the card. Luckily, staff at Dutchies Hostel found a solution & they got our card out. We wouldn’t have gotten the card without their help! They will go to any length to help you.

Room Quality

Dutchies Hostel Dorms

The Hostel offers dorms of 6, 8 & beds. The rooms are spacious & offer a lot of space to keep luggage & sit in the room. The bedding is included in the price. There are plugs & lights for each bed.

Kitchen Quality

Dutchies Hostel Kitchen

There is a nice kitchen for travellers. You can cook almost anything in their kitchen. There’s a supermarket called Lidl just a minute away from Dutchies Hostel so its easy to stock up ingredients for cooking.


Dutchies Hostel Lounge

All the amenities that a hostel should have are present in Dutchies Hostel. My favorite pick would be the lounge set up upstairs with PS4 & bean bags. They also have a great selection for PS4 games.

Dutchies Hostel Bar

If you are tired of playing or exploring the city, head to the bar of the hostel. Have few drinks with travelers.

Dutchies Hostel TV Room

They also have a TV Room & a Pool Table. If you want to explore Amsterdam by bike (which is definitely a great idea), Dutchies Hostel offers bikes on rent as well.


Dutchies Hostel is a perfectly placed hostel in Amsterdam with great dorms, clean bathrooms, lots of amenities & all this at a reasonable price. Go for it!

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Photos by: Nirali Naik

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