Review: Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof, Interlaken

Review- Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof, Interlaken

Switzerland is a dream destination for most of the people around the world. If you want to explore Switzerland completely, Interlaken is the best place to stay at. It is almost in the center of Switzerland. The best place to live in Interlaken? Well, Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof is amazing! We stayed here for 4 nights & here’s our detailed review of this beautiful hostel.



Interlaken is a small town with 2 train stations (surprise!). Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof is located exactly in the middle of both train stations. It is also close to most of Interlaken. Buses from both train stations stop just in front of the hostel.

Staff of Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof

Staff of Backpackers Villa

Staff at the hostel is very friendly & active! Reception stays open till late night & the check-in/check-out process is quite seamless. If you are looking out to do any activity, adventure sports or even tours, simply ask at the reception. The staff at Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof will guide you.

Room Quality

Room of Backpackers Villa

We stayed in a 4-bed private room for 4 nights. It was quite spacious. There were 2 bunk beds & 2 single beds. There was a private bathroom & toilet as well. There were many plug points, private reading lights & enough of natural light as well. The room was comfortable as the heating was also quite good. If you are 4 people, then this room is definitely a steal at the price that they offer.

Kitchen Quality

Kitchen of Backpackers Villa

For a vegetarian like me, kitchen of any property is always important. Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof scores full marks here. The kitchen is quite huge. There are 4 cooking stations, plenty of space in the dining area (that, too, is very big). The utensils are neat & clean and in a great numbers. You’ll find many items in the free food section as well.

Just make sure that you’re reaching the kitchen before it gets too busy. We were late on the 1st night but never again.


Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof is packed with amenities. There is a spacious seating lounge just next to the reception. The breakfast is basic but great. There are lockers available for baggage (only deposit!). You can also do your laundry here at a reasonable cost. Many vending machines can be found around the hostel as well. You can also buy snacks & other items from the reception. There are many more amenities that you will discover once you enter the hostel.


Overall, if you are visiting Switzerland, make sure you are staying in Interlaken. And when you reach Interlaken, make sure you reach the Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof because that is definitely the perfect choice for backpackers, solo travellers & families alike.

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Photos by: Nirali Naik

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