Review: Art Hole Hostel, Prague

Review: Art Hole Hostel, Prague

Prague is like a second home to us & in this beautiful city, we love to stay near the old town square (because that’s where all the action is). This time, we stayed at Art Hole Hostel in Prague for 4 nights. This is a detailed review of our stay.


Location of Art Hole Hostel

If you are going to Prague for the first time, remember this: Always try to find a hostel which is near the old town square. Fortunately, Art Hole Hostel does have that perfect location. From the hostel, most of the city’s sights are within walking distance. The area around the hostel is quite nice as well. There are few restaurants, mini markets & currency exchange centers around. Also, one of the biggest shopping centers are just 10 mins walking from Art Hole Hostel.

Staff of Art Hole Hostel

Staff of Art Hole Hostel

Most of the staff members of Art Hole Hostel are friendly & nice. They will help you with check-in process, suggestions for your Prague days, off-beat suggestions for attractions, restaurants, bars etc. If you want to meet the owner, you can do that as well. The owners frequently visit the hostel in the morning & they are very friendly & understanding. The staff members also organise themed dinners on some days of the week. 🙂

Room Quality

Room Quality of Art Hole Hostel

We stayed in a 10-bed dorm during our stay. Our room could have been a little bigger. We would have appreciated a little more space. They provide bed sheets, linens & pillow covers. You can rent out towels from the reception. The beds are nice & comfortable. They also provide lockers for each bed & you can fit in quite a lot of stuff in their lockers. If your bags are too big, you can ask the staff to put those bags in the storage room.

As the name suggests, all the rooms of Art Hole Hostel are filled with quirky art! You should visit all the rooms of this hostel because the art in all the rooms are simply beautiful.

Kitchen Quality

Kitchen of Art Hole Hostel

You will definitely find a small, nice kitchen at Art Hole Hostel. You will also find a lot of people cooking in the kitchen. They have a lot of utensils for cooking & plates, cups, cutlery etc. They also serve a standard breakfast in their kitchen. Bread, cheese, ham, butter, jam, hot beverages & corn flakes are few of the items they have on their breakfast.


They have a good common room (also where the reception is located). You can meet people from around the world & chat with them. You can also buy beers etc from the reception itself. They have board games, card games etc. Wi-Fi works nicely in all the rooms. If you want to use the computer, they have few desktops as well. Laundry facility is also available at Art Hole Hostel (EUR 6).


Art Hole Hostel is a good hostel in Prague located at just the right place. With all the basic rooms & amenities, you can easily choose this hostel for your stay in Prague.

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Photos by: Nirali Naik


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