11 Reasons to Take That Goa Trip

Goa Beaches In India

In India, a Goa trip is the one true friendship fantasy that every Indian teenager dreams of! Thanks to the movies, Goa is the place to be for all age groups, all reasons and all seasons. And yet, all these years later, a Goa trip is never out of vogue.

If you’re someone who loves to travel, to unwind, to relax, to party, to explore, Goa is the place to be. Truly, the place for every season! Goa is a for the beach bums, for the party animals, for those looking to bond and for those looking to relax away from the hustle bustle of the city. Of course, all of this comes with some really great food, cheap booze option and a whole lot of exciting facets to explore.

If you really need convincing about taking that Goa trip, here are a few reasons that you must strongly consider.

11 Reasons to Take That Goa Trip

1. Culture

181, Rua de Natal - 19th-20th century

The first reason unlike what many would credit Goa for is the evolved Goan culture over the years. Goa used to be a Portuguese colony in the pre-independence era. Over the years, the state was freed but the culture stayed and more and more tourists flocked around this beach destination from across the country and across the globe. The beauty of Goa is its very culture, an amalgamation of the various cultures that have come along with the people and the strong sense of culture that still presides with the locals through their lifestyle, food, language, and habits.

In Goa, you are unlikely to ever feel alienated. There’s always a little bit that you can relate to, making it an instant favorite from the moment you step your foot in Goa.

2. Beaches

Goa is a beach destination. Goa is ‘the beach destination of India’. For years now, tourists have frequented Goa for the beaches spread alongside this coastal state. The Goan beaches promise you the unforgettable vacation tan to flaunt! For most of the country deprived of a coastal line, Goa is their introduction to the beaches and the chilled beach culture that comes along.

3. Water Sports


Given the number of beaches in Goa, water sports are an obvious favorite along the coastline. Right from scuba diving to parasailing and jet surfing, your Goa trip is the perfect excuse to tick off all those water sport adventures on your bucket list. Just like everything else in Goa, these come at affordable prices.

4. Cheap Booze

Konkan Fruit Fest 2013

For a lot of us, a vacation is a perfect excuse to drink. And Goa does not disappoint one bit. Goa is the destination that offers super cheap booze, especially beers and locally produced wine. Another locally produced favorite is called feni, produced from Cashew nuts or Coconuts in South Goa with a 43% alcohol content.

Be it the wine shops or the beach shacks, you can always be assured of cheap alcohol in Goa.

5. Seafood heaven

goan prawns

Excuse my bias here, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEAFOOD. And that makes Goa my number 1 destination to look out for. Goa promises a lot of great food. The coastal recipes for all kinds of vegetables and meats are delectable, to say the least. But a seafood lover is very likely to take that Goa trip just to enjoy the enormous portions and varieties of seafood while sipping on to all that alcohol.

For those who don’t love seafood, can still be floored by the Chicken Xacuti, Konkani Chicken, Bebinka, Roasted Cashews (all on a budget).

6. Travel Around On A Scooter

Hero Honda

If you ever fancied the idea of riding Vespas across Italy, consider Goa! You can easily rent scooters in Goa while exploring the nooks and corners of this gorgeous state, looking through the unexplored gems and some typical touristy spots!

7. Nightlife options


Whether you love to gamble or party the night away, Goa has some incredible nightlife options to explore. Themed dinners, nightclubs with live music, casinos, night markets or nights by the beach, your Goa trip can have it all covered as per your mood!

8. Luxury Villas

Zuri White Sands, South Goa, India

For those, who prefer keeping away from the crowds and are simply looking for a little getaway and a place to relax, Goa is the answer to your questions too. Goa has a wide range of great luxury properties. Choose through the list as per your requirements and decide where to stay in Goa. For all you know, you could rent a private villa with a pool or even a private beach and enjoy Goa sans the touristy crowds.

9. Perfect Road Trip Destination

Mumbai-Pune Express Way

One of the most lucrative factors of taking a Goa trip is its proximity to cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad. With a distance of 500-600kms, a Goa trip is just about half a days drive with well-equipped pitstops, beautiful views, and well-planned routes. Although there are wide connectivity options like trains, buses, flights, and ferries, a road trip is the favorite choice and rightly so.

10. Budget Living

Goan street food

The key factor for many travelers is the budget friendliness of any destination. Goa passes the test! Right from food, drinks, accommodations, and activities, Goa offers affordable options for all travelers. Basically, you spend as per your tastes and not by compulsion which automatically tilts the scales in its favor. Also, the reason why people take regular and multiple trips to Goa across seasons.

11. Offbeat Goa

Goa party

Finally, let’s talk about what else Goa has to offer other than the usual touristy stuff! Goa is a destination that offers more as you explore. In reality, Goa is just a tiny state in India. But in totality, there is so much more that keeps springing up both natural and man-made. Trekking, flea markets, local villages, wellness properties, hippie culture, restaurants, street arts, there are surprises each time to explore!

Through all these years and in the future, Goa continues to be a favorite destination for domestic and international travelers alike! And for all the reasons stated above and more, Goa trip will never go out of fashion! So, what are you waiting for, get started with your next Goa trip planning right away!

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