Portugal, Amazing Architecture With Traditional Countryside

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With about eight hundred kilometres of coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and must be a part of your Europe tour package. In Portugal you don’t need to look for a particular destination to enjoy the beauty that nature offers, it’s prevalent everywhere and you just need to open your heart to see that amazing beauty.

Though natural beauty doesn’t require any particular destination, there are a few places of historical importance that do need your focused attention for better understanding and you must explore them as a part of your Europe package. Mosteiro dos Jeronimos at Lisbon is the first structure that you think of when it comes to the exploration of historical sites on your Europe tour.

Vasco de Gama set sail to discover India from the area where the structure is located and to honour his achievements, the structure was built. It represents the daring souls of the sailors of the erstwhile era and the difficult voyages they took with aplomb. Manueline architecture finds its true representation at the venue and art and history loving soul of yours would love to include the place as a part of your Europe holiday package.

Oceanario de Lisboa at Lisbon is among the most attractive destinations in Portugal and when you see the beautiful example of human ingenuity to showcase nature’s diversity, you would be in awe of the place. Different areas are there to represent different oceans and you would see Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans with their respective habitats and you would be able to see subtle differentiation among them.

Palacio Nacional de Sintra at the coast of Lisbon is another example of confluence of human ingenuity in tandem with nature’s bounties. It was the most sought after summer destination of kings and other royalty and when you see the place you would know how beautiful landscape plays its role in making you think big and see the holistic picture. The other places that deserve inclusion in your Portugal package include Torre de Belem at Lisbon, Convento do Cristo at Tomar and Bom Jesus do Monte at Braga.

Portugal is beautiful and when a beautiful place is explored in the company of someone who makes the travel a hassle free one, the joy of exploration grows manifold. SOTC makes your travel easy and it’s time to come together to embark on Portugal tour, the journey would be joyous.

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