OBB: Luxurious Railway System of Austria (And Europe)

OBB: Luxurious Railway System of Austria (And Europe)

OBB is the national railway system of Austria. Don’t try to remember the full form unless you’re a German, but here you go – Österreichische Bundesbahnen.

My review is based on 2 routes:

1. Budapest – Vienna

2. Vienna – Salzburg


OBB does require seat reservation on certain international routes but the cost is minimal. I paid EUR 3 for Budapest – Vienna train journey.

Tickets are also cheap compared to Western European trains. Don’t forget to book tickets in advance to get even better rates.


Something of a concern, really. OBB trains were not punctual. My train to Vienna did not leave on time & my train to Salzburg was late by 30 minutes. Punctuality is an area where OBB could become better.


I realised one thing. I didn’t mind my train coming late or reaching late to the destination because OBB was the most comfortable train in which I travelled. Yes, it beat SNCF, Renfe & Comboios de Portugal.

Because of Austria’s royal history, their trains were also royal. Crazy legspace & comfortably reclinable seats made my journey amazing.


If you are traveling between the cities of Austria, frequency of OBB is very good. For international routes, it is good but it could be better.

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When you’re traveling by OBB & if you are hungry, you don’t need to go the restaurant coach. That’s right, you can simply order from the menu & someone from their staff will get it for you. You can pay by cash/card from your seat. This kind of service makes OBB akin to an airline!

Toilets are on both sides, separate toilets for specially-abled people are also available.

Luggage Space

There’s a lot of luggage space in every coach. You can put your luggage towards any end of the coach, stove it in the overhead space or simply put it behind the last seat of the coach on either sides.

If you have a small luggage, you can also put it under your seat.

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