Meet Parichay

Who is Parichay?


I am Parichay.

Heh, jokes apart, I like traveling the most. When I’m not traveling, I am planning future trips for myself & others who are interested in visiting their dream place. I love reading comics (that’s my books) & reading other random topics on the internet. I love researching on weirdest possible stuff. My attention span is low which makes it possible for me to do many things in a short time. I also love films, but let’s not talk about genres here.

What do I do for money?

I run Trawhale – The travel consultancy firm for people who are interested in traveling, exploring the place on their own. In simplest words, I plan their trips which are quite budget-friendly compared to travel agencies.

What’s my travel style?

I am interested in taking longer trips (don’t call it traveling if the days are in 2 digits) but I also covering many places in one trip. I love talking to strangers & discussing global topics. It is very difficult for me to stay at 1 place for more than 3-4 days.

Mountains or Beaches?

I can’t choose one. I love snow; hence I love mountains. I also love water sports & swimming pools; hence beach is also an ideal destination for me. I am game for any destination as long as there is either some snow or at least a swimming pool.

What’s my favourite destination?

Norway. Why is that even a question? Why it isn’t your favourite destination as well?

What’s my current life goal?

  1. Start my own chain of travel hostels in India
  2. Visit 50 different countries before I turn 30
  3. Keep making travel available for people with every budget

Favorite travel mantra/ tip?

Make friends when you are traveling. Follow their tips & suggestions to make the trip even more memorable.


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