Meet Parampara

Who is Parampara?


I am a dreamer, cinephile, traveler and a product of the internet revolution. I always have more plans in my mind than I can possibly take on- evidently, I am ambitious! I love movies and they are a huge part of who I am. Nope, I am not the film festival/ world cinema geek. I can watch them all, but I have a special place in my heart for Hindi cinema (right from the 1950s), especially movies which can be a part of my guilty pleasures 😉

To get out of my virtual world, I rely on travel. Honestly, I love being in places where I can be a complete stranger. It’s a fresh start to make a first impression with each person, each time.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am also a writer and this I consider my biggest strength and my most favourite therapy.

No travel or movie watching experience is complete until I haven’t written about it and acknowledged it.

Now the writing could be anywhere- my blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even my diary. Like I said, I am the product of an Internet revolution and I owe a large part of who and where I am to it! Also, the people I met and the way I learnt to reach my dreams was also materialized by the internet… so that makes it my favorite discovery of the decade!

I am 24 😉

What do I do for money?

Other than blogging about my travels and movies, I am also a digital marketing consultant. It’s a cool job, ‘cuz instead of marketing brands, I create marketing plans for Indian films. I do this when I am not travelling and it pays a huge role in funding my travels!

What’s my travel style?

While travelling, I prefer local flavours, long walks and exploring the unexplored paths. Not a huge fan of tourist attractions and the crowd that surrounds it, but I am pretty much a fuss free traveler who believes in travelling light and experiencing the local specialties.

Also, my biggest travel challenges include getting myself to take a selfie or the perfect shot everywhere. Honestly, I’d rather just enjoy the moment and let go. But I ain’t giving up on it, and am hoping to up my game sooner! (Do share tips ;))

Mountains or Beaches?

I thought I was more of a ‘Mountains’ person ‘cuz I studied in a boarding school in Panchgani, a hill-station in Maharashtra.

But if I have to be true, I’d pick the beaches even though I can’t really swim and suffer from hydrophobia.

What’s my favourite destination?

Istanbul, Turkey

Anyone who knows me can answer that and now you can too! 😀

What’s my current life goal?

  1. Travel & Write
  2. Build World Culture Network
  3. Find that story to make a movie
  4. WRITE A BOOK (On my list since forever)

Favourite travel mantra/ tip?

Wear comfortable shoes and start exploring… don’t rush!

Remember, the best trips are the unplanned ones, even with the mishaps! If everything were to go as per the plan, where’s the space to be surprised?

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