Le Montclair Hostel: Quaint French Hostel of Paris

Le Montclair Hostel: Quaint French Hostel of Paris

Le Montclair Hostel is a quaint French hostel of Paris, France. The hostel is a part of Hip Hop Hostels – The best selection of hostels & budget hotels in Paris.


Paris is a huge city with lots of tourists (and locals) swarming the city. One should not be picking a hostel very near to the attractions or very far from the center.

Le Montclair Hostel is at just the perfect distance. It’s located in an area which is lively & quiet. It’s not too far from the center but not too near as well. You can reach the hostel using any of the 2 metro lines (No. 4 & 12). Attractions like Eiffel Tower & Notre Dame can be reached easily via Metro or Buses from hostel as well.


Le Montclair Hostel boasts of a very young & cool staff. People at the reception are chilled out & helpful. Check-in barely takes time. Everyone working in the hostel will be ready to help you with anything, just ask them!

Paris is notorious in terms of rudeness of people but Le Montclair Hostel definitely busted that myth for me.

Sleep Quality

Okay, so here’s a small negative part – The room in which I stayed (4 beds) was a little congested. There wasn’t enough space to keep everyone’s luggage. However, the bathroom was of the perfect size.

The bed was really good with clean bed sheets, pillow covers & blankets. Since Le Montclair Hostel itself is located in a peaceful area, it’s guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep without any disturbances.

Kitchen Facility

The kitchen of Le Montclair Hostel isn’t very big but it contains everything. If you’re in the kitchen during peak hours, you might have to wait for a bit for your turn to cook. The sitting arrangement is really cool though. I met people from different nations around breakfast, lunch & dinner times.

Other Amenities

The lounge (or the sitting area) of Le Montclair Hostel is big. It’s colourful & fun. You can challenge people at a game of Foosball or play retro arcade games on the machine (Not a lot of places have this kind of game collection) or simply chill with a drink. There are always some really friendly people around to chill.

WiFi is good & was up all the time during my stay.


Le Montclair Hostel holds a nice location & contains good amenities. The rooms are little small but that shouldn’t deter you from choosing this place on your next visit to Paris.

Picture Credits: Le Montclair Hostel

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