InterCity – New Zealand’s Best Transportation System

InterCity - New Zealand's Best Transportation System

InterCity is the most popular & most connected bus service in New Zealand. Name any 2 cities/towns & you will find an InterCity bus running on that route. FlexiPass is a product of InterCity created especially for tourists visiting New Zealand.


There is no fixed price for FlexiPass. You can buy FlexiPass which has a validity of a minimum of 10 hours for $95 to a maximum of 80 hours for $545. If you exhaust your valid hours, you can top it up directly on the website.

Cost-wise, I felt InterCity FlexiPass is really a good investment. If you are planning to explore the entire New Zealand by bus, then 30 hours pass ($245) should be more than enough to get you covered.


We took about 5 journeys with InterCity in both, South & North Islands. From our personal experience, 4 out of 5 times, buses left on time & reached the destination on time as well. 1 time when it didn’t, it was because of the road construction. So be assured that you will reach your destination on time.


When it comes to buses, people feel that it is not as comfortable as trains or cars. When it comes to InterCity’s buses, I think they all are wrong. In all the buses we sat in, we felt very comfortable. Huge space for legs & comfortable recliner seats did not let us feel the long distance. After all the bus journeys, we reached our destination without feeling tired at all.

If you want extra comfort, you can also book their Gold seats. There are also sleeper buses between major cities.


Generally speaking, the frequency of InterCity buses depends on factors like seasons, destinations, passenger traffic between cities, etc. The best way to gauge the frequency of buses is to go on their official website & search for the connection.

Between major cities like Auckland – Rotorua – Wellington – Hamilton, etc, you will generally find lots of buses. But there might not be many long-distance buses on the same day. Check & plan accordingly.

Luggage Space

The best part about taking InterCity’s buses has to be its luggage space. While boarding the bus, the driver takes all the luggage, puts it in the special storage space & gives it back when you reach your destination. This means you can freely enjoy the journey. Even when the bus makes a stop, you can go outside, drink a cup of coffee without worrying about your big bag. There is also overhead space for smaller bags.


We feel InterCity FlexiPass has many benefits & it is completely worth the money. Whenever you are in New Zealand, do not forget to buy the FlexiPass & travel by their comfy buses.

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