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Colosseum Tour with The Roman Guy

Ah! Rome. There is no better city than Rome in Europe when it comes to history. This city has seen so many centuries & so many historical events that if it could talk, it would’ve become the greatest storyteller in the world. Cities do speak & their way of telling stories is via its structures.

Rome is full of historical structures like Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Circus Maximus, and many of the other ruins of Roman empire. You might not speak their language but there are people who know its language. It is important to get a guide who knows everything about Rome & its history. Who better than The Roman Guy?

The Roman Guy In Rome

We took the Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill with The Roman Guy & we are going to tell you how much we enjoyed the tour.

Stop 1: The Roman Forum

Colosseum Tour with The Roman Guy

Roman Forum, Rome

Once we booked the tour, we received an instant confirmation over an email. It contained all the details about the tour guide, meeting point, and other things. We met our guide in front of Colosseum. The first stop of the tour was The Roman Forum. The ruins of it were so majestic, I wonder what it would have looked like in its full glory!

The best thing about this tour was that it was being conducted by an authentic Archeologist! I mean, what better than an archeologist leading a historical tour in Rome? Our guide also had 3D models (artist’s impression) of all the ruins & it was just fantastic to see it out there. The Roman Forum was the most important spot – economically, politically & religiously – in the ancient Rome.

From The Roman Forum, our guide took us to various other areas of the ruins. Stadium of Domitian was my most favorite spot. Romans had so much space, money & free time that they created a private chariot racing tack for their emperor! Arch of Titus was the monument which threw on light on the favorite past time of Romans – Graffiti. Yep, in the ancient time, Romans drew graffiti on its monuments. They posted ads of their businesses & some of them also made private parts of men.

Colosseum Tour with The Roman Guy

Roman Forum, Rome

The stories behind Rome’s Eternal Flame & the old temples were so interesting. The ruins became fascinating & fueled our imagination, all thanks to our archeologist guide. One of the most interesting building of the ancient Rome is (because it still exists & it is still used) the Senate House. This building was the center of power in the ancient Rome. Many world-altering events & decisions had taken in this very building. The only place where we probably found some fresh flowers was at the place where Julius Caesar was burned.

Stop 2: Colosseum

After this wonderful journey to the glorious past of Rome, we headed to the attraction known to everyone all thanks to its iconic shape & of course, the movie Gladiator – Colosseum. Colosseum is a separate history in itself. Right from its construction, its usage, its spectators, the technology used to make the atmosphere go crazy! Our guide also mentioned how the movie Gladiator got major things wrong about the Colosseum. It was not all about the bloody fights. They used to make fights more interesting by placing animals from different parts of the world. They used to create different terrains like forests in the middle of the arena to make fights more intense.

Colosseum Tour with The Roman Guy

Colosseum, Rome

After seeing the most of the Colosseum from the arena floor, we headed to the underground.  The most brutal area & also, the most important area of the Colosseum. This is where all the fighters used to be kept. All the animals used to be in the cage underground. It also meant that all the sweat, blood & dust used to come to the underground zone. Irritated wild animals, frightened gladiators & the crazy cheering of more than 60,000 people in the stadium must have felt like a different world altogether!

All the things that you see in The Roman Forum or Colosseum look gorgeous. It is also important to the history behind these structures & for that, you need to take a tour of it with an experienced guide who knows it all. I recommend taking historically important tours in Italy only with The Roman Guy because their guides are really informative & they know to turn boring into interesting! 😉

Pictures: Awara Diaries

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