Hafiz Mustafa has the best Baklavas in Istanbul!

Hafiz Mustafa

Hafiz Mustafa was set up in Istanbul as a cafe and delicacy house in 1864. Ever since, it continues to remain the pride of Turkish sweets and delicacies.

Even over 150 years later, Hafiz Mustafa is the most mouthwatering sweet shop in Istanbul. It offers a wide range of sweets and desserts inclusive of baklavas, locum (also popularly known as the Turkish Delight). All the dishes are prepared fresh at their store with an open space cafe right outside the store at Eminonu. Here you can relish a Turkish Cay or Kahvesi (Coffee) with a Baklava to go along. And even sitting by this place is quite an experience!

After many recommendations, I specially went to Eminonu to check out the famous Baklavas & Turkish Delights at Hafiz Mustafa’s which happen to be the best.

To be honest, I was surprised and also lost with the variety of sweets and colors at their vibrant store. While I looked through and tried understanding the details of the better looking dishes, I also got an opportunity to try the samples before I made my choice.

Their Baklavas were truly better than what I had tried on the previous day. But the real winner of Baklavas was their Pistachio Baklava. It left a lasting taste in my mouth and a lasting impression on anyone who’s new to the consumption of Baklavas (No Kidding!).

The better part of these sweets was that they last long enough to be taken back home from your trip and are also reasonably priced. Be assured, the packing is slick and fine to avoid any fuss later.

Their menu includes baklavas, Turkish delights (Locum), custards, fruit puddings, chocolate desserts and honey glazed sticks with tasteful perfection.

Hafiz Mustafa is indeed the best recommended store to take back sweets from your Istanbul trip!

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Pictures Credits: Parampara Patil Hashmi

Paramparā aka Cinemawaali is Bombay girl living in Vienna. Studying sustainability & telling stories about all things travel, culture & entertainment.

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