Gadgets That We Bank Upon While Traveling

Gadgets That We Bank Upon While Traveling Adata HD720

Traveling is fun, life-changing & dynamic. It is difficult to work while traveling though. As digital nomads, we constantly keep looking to improve our travels with gadgets that can help us cut down on our luggage, work & of course, keep our data safe. We also make sure that our work quality doesn’t suffer while upgrading our equipment.

We are listing down all the equipment that we use to create & store memories while traveling.

Camera – Canon 700D

A DSLR is recommended while travelling because phones can’t capture everything that a camera can. We bought Canon 700D almost 1.5 years ago & it is indeed one of the best investment.

Canon 700D

Different lenses can bring out so much details that phones can only dream of. We use 2 lenses – 18-55mm and 55-250mm. I think that’s more than enough for us (for now).

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Phones – iPhone 7+ & iPhone 5

Parampara was earlier using One Plus One and has now upgraded to an iPhone 7+ now which honestly captures every moment beautifully. Videos look so stable that it almost looks like they’ve been shot using a tripod or a glidecam. These 4K videos, however, take up a lot of space in the phone. It is mandatory to transfer them to a laptop or an external hard drive to keep the phone up & running.

Also, more space means more apps. We use a variety of travel apps to help us in our travels. 

iphone 5 iphone 7 plus

I have been using iPhone5 for years now and it’s results are still awesome! It is quick & handy when it comes to clicking pictures sneakily and/or at a lightning speed.

Laptop – MacBook Air 11-inch

The obvious choice, right? It is light, portable & very handy. It is fast, useful and is easily portable compared to my Dell which weighs about 4.5 kg.

Macbook air

The only drawback here is its storage capacity. You know how Apple is when it comes to storage. High quality pictures & full HD videos from DSLR & iPhones need a lot more space. It is a task when it comes to finding an external hard drive which stores everything safely.

That takes us to the next equipment.

External Storage – Adata HD720

External storage becomes the most important equipment out of all. It stores all the data & keeps it safe from corrupt memory cards. While choosing our external hard drive, we paid a lot of attention to its strength. Traveling is never smooth in our case. We needed a hard drive which could keep our data safe from everything dangerous.

AData HD720

We came across Adata HD720 which is dustproof, waterproof (yay) & shockproof (double yay). You know your mind is at peace when your external hard drive is safe even after you accidently dropped it (on land or in water). It is like they are #DrivingInnovation in this field.

It is compatible with Parampara’s Macbook Air & my Dell both. Compared to other brands, Adata HD720 is better because in the same price, you get an external 1 TB hard drive which is waterproof, dustproof AND shockproof. Plus, its 3 layered protection (Cushion, plastic, silicon) keeps the drive & data safe.


It comes with it’s own protection gear, which honestly makes it apt for travelers like us because taking care of gadgets shouldn’t be a major concern while traveling for days at a length.

Also, you can’t lose the USB cable. You can simply wrap it around the hard drive without damaging it a bit.

These are some of the basic devices which help us travel with accessibility and allow us to work alongside. Major props to these for helping us capture, store and share our experiences with you.


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