Explore the True Meaning of Life with Himalayan BS6

Explore the True Meaning of Life with Himalayan BS6

The entire world has come to a standstill. How many times does it happen in a year, a decade or even a century? This conscious lockdown has given me some much-needed time to introspect. When you are stuck in the same space for so many days, you feel anxious, worried, suffocated but subsequently, the next stage arrives. After a few more days, you start thinking about everything. About life, the world, past, present & the future. Today, I have entered that zone.

My life has been revolving around traveling since so many years, but quite strongly in the past 5 years. I have been to so many different destinations in India & across different continents. I have been to beaches, forests & mountains. Each trip teaches you something unique. If you don’t look at traveling as just going to some place, it can be a great teacher.

Himalayan BS6

Whenever I am close to nature during my travels, it makes me start thinking about life. This four letter word has much more depth than even Mariana Trench. Reflecting upon life sitting in New Zealand or Norway sounds like a very elite & romanticized thing but it is not sheer luck that I get to travel.

It has got a lot to do with my parents’ passion for traveling, their hard work & savings, my own interest, my hard work as well. I am privileged compared to many other people in the world but I have worked for it.

If you look at the life of a travel blogger, it looks quite fancy. Traveling to exotic places, staying in luxurious hotels, eating gourmet food, doing adventure sports, meeting interesting people & so much more. No doubt, it is full of thrill & experiences but it has major challenges when I am trying to do this full time.

Himalayan BS6 1

It is because I still require money to live the normal life. Initially, I hardly knew how to go about it full-time, and 5 years later, I am still struggling. I keep experimenting with different models & ideas to make sure that I stay afloat. Which is why I started thinking this – nobody in this world is living without issues. Every person climbs their own Everest with their hard work.

If traveling has taught me something, it is that there are challenges but we can overcome them. Not just me but all of us.

Here is a very inspiring video of a person who understands that one’s achievements need not be grand but make sense to one’s own self. Take a look, the riding and the adventure is simply thrilling!

The video features the newly launched Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 which is a companion for the one brave at heart, who is looking to chart his own path, no matter what the challenges. It warms my heart to see there are strugglers like me everywhere who morph into champions through hard work and single minded dedication to one’s purpose.

As for the Himalayan BS6, even though the power of the new BS6 engine drops when compared to the earlier BS4 (which is an industry wide phenomenon), there has been no overall compromise in riding experience. The BS6 engine is more environment-friendly as well! Superior riding experience, and doing their bit to help conserve the environment – what more could a travel-hungry rider want?

Much like the Royal Enfield Himalayan is made for all roads, and no roads, keeping in-line with the spirit of adventure; I have a chance too during this lockdown. I am preparing for the journey ahead. Just like the Himalayan BS6 is ready to travel in all terrains, so am I.

Photos by Royal Enfield


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  1. Karthik - Asian Traveller

    Very beautifully written. Managing things in this lockdown, when opportunities are so less and each person trying to take up their own chartered path to stay ahead of the curve is a tough job and yes being a travel influencer is a big responsibility too.. Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 looks so classy and gives us a motivation to be as rugged as it can get and beat the odds 🙂

  2. Stella Wilson

    I always wanted to go on a road trip on the bike. I am planning it for this year. Let’s see when the plans materialize. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful blog.

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