Explore Litomysl In 1 Day – The Complete Guide

Explore Litomyšl In 1 Day - The Complete Guide


A quiet town in Czech Republic located just a couple of hours from Prague is wonderful. A picturesque town of Litomysl is small in size yet big on experiences.

You can do a simple day trip from Prague or stay there for a night & explore Litomyšl at leisure. I’d recommend doing it in 2 days because there’s no point in rushing when you are on a vacation. 😉

How to reach?

You can reach Litomyšl from Prague easily by car (2 hours), by bus (3 hours) or by train (3 hours). I recommend traveling to Litomyšl by train. You will have to change a train at Choceň so the route is like Prague – Choceň – Litomyšl. It is one of the most scenic train journeys I’ve ever taken.

We stayed at a pretty guesthouse called Penzion Tasner.

Starting point: Old town square

1. Old Town Square

The prettiest of them all. The old town square of Litomyšl is definitely one of the breath-taking sights. The structures around the square are almost 1,000 years old & yet that stand strong against the time.

All the best restaurants, bakeries, cafes & souvenir shops are located in or around the old town square. If you want to buy something from the supermarkets, make sure you reach there before 5:30 PM.

2. Litomysl Castle

The castle of Litomyšl was declared as the UNESCO Heritage site in 1999. The castle is about 336 years old & preserved very well. The tourist information center is just outside the castle gate. They arrange castle tours on a regular basis.

Litomyšl Castle

Visit the Palace theatre inside the castle which is about 220 years old. A simple sight of this grand place is mind-blowing.

3. Sculptures of Olbram Zoubek

Sculptures of Olbram Zoubek

The famous Czech sculptor & designer Olbram Zoubek’s second home is Litomysl . A permanent exhibition of his work can be admired in the Litomysl Castle Vault Gallery & the garden area. Each sculpture has a story behind it.

Visit Litomyšl with Ceske Drahy (Czech Railways)

4. Tvar Church

Tvar Church Litomysl

Just opposite the Litomysl Castle, you can see a magnificent structure standing tall. That’s Tvar Church. Tvar church is a real beauty from inside. The peace & tranquility of this space can’t be explained in words, it can just be experienced.

5. The Oldest House of Litomysl

The oldest house of litomysl

Thanks to our guide, Lucie Adamcova, we began our tour of Litomysl in a different manner. She took us from a different route which involved seeing the oldest house of the town! This house was built in 1672, which means it is about 344 years old! :O

6. Woods

Litomysl is not just a town. The outskirt of the town is really beautiful. You can walk through the jungle or walk near farmlands. There is also an interesting sport played here. It is called FootballGolf & it’s played exactly like how it sounds. Give it a try.

7. Streets of Litomysl

The true beauty of Europe lies in its narrow lanes & pretty streets. Litomysl is full of beautifully placed streets, hidden cafes & humble souvenir shops. The town square is one of the best places to spend the evening.

Litomysl indeed was one of the prettiest places I’ve been to & I can’t wait to get back. If you are planning a trip to Europe, make sure Litomysl is one of the destinations.

To know more about the town, check out Litomysl Tourism’s official website & Czech Republic Tourism’s official website for more information.

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  1. Tomáš Rothschein

    I really like your article and there are some beatiful pieces of pictures. However there are some mistakes as well. At first the church is not called Tvar’s church, but Piarist church (because of the religious order of Piarists that used to have some of their members in Litomyšl) and also the oldest house of Litomyšl is the so called House of the Knights built in 1540 and which is still standing but it’s design had been changed in 18th century. Although it is true that the house on the picture is probably the oldest one with the same image. Otherwise I really appreciate that you try to take a deeper look inside the town and not just the tiny pieces of it that are shown to a regular turist just in one hour. I can see that you are really looking for other experience than just a “regular” one which is respectable. Good job!

  2. Parichay Mehta

    Hi Tomas,

    Thank you for reading my article. I’d like to thank you even more for correcting the article. I shall make these changes asap & update the article. Litomyšl was indeed a pretty place & I hope to visit it again soon. 🙂


  3. Rachel G

    I love how all of the buildings are different colors! The castle sounds like an interesting destination. I’ve certainly never heard of FootballGolf!

  4. Parichay Mehta

    It is a must-visit place for all travelers. It’s serene, beautiful & peaceful. And when you’re there, try FootballGolf for sure because it’s different, fun & pocket-friendly as well. 😀

  5. Davide uTravelshare

    It looks pretty and I really like the Old Town Square; many buildings with different colour, this thing bring me to my last trip in South America where I have been to Guatapè (Colombia), one of the most colourful city in the world; take a look some pics or directly to my blog!! thanks for sharing it

  6. Samarpita

    How beautiful and colourful! I wish we’d start developing new parts of Indian towns like this.

  7. Ami Bhat

    The church and the castle have caught my fancy. There definitely seems to be a lot of things to do here. How many days do you think one should spend here?

  8. Lara Dunning

    The Czech Republic is high on my list and I love traveling to small towns so this is perfect. Pinning!

  9. travellingslacker

    I’d never heard of ths place before. But this is an amazing locaton. Just the sheer colour palette is awesome, especially the first image which makes it look like a fanatasy land.

  10. Indrani

    Litomysl surprised me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of visiting it when I visited Prague. The town seems so colorful and has old world charm.

  11. Joanna

    Litornysl looks very picturesque and I can recognise the traditional Czech architecture that I found in Prague. I like visiting small towns, I find them more charming than busy capitals and I think they offer a much more authentic experience for the tourist. I would like to visit the castle and also walk in the woods outside the town.

  12. Emma Oxley

    I’ve never heard of Litomysl before but it’s such a pretty picturesque town. I’ve been to Prague before and my aunt is Czech so I feel a bit of an affinity with the country. I hope to return to be able to see some more of it in the future!

  13. Rashmi & Chalukya

    We just visited Prague on our visit to CZ Republic but now we regret we could have done a lil bit of more research on other places to visit too. Litomysl looks like a quaint little town, the picture of the colorful old town awe-inspiring. I wonder if the 17th century is occupied by someone and how well they must have maintained it?

  14. snigdha

    I really enjoyed reading your article . I love exploring small places and the way you have mentioned the intricate details.Seems like fun . A pleasant relief to read the not so regular touristy

  15. Wanderlust Vegans

    I wish that when we went to Czech Republic we got a chance to check out Litomyšl. The castle and the church and the woods look like must see sights. I’m interested in what the train ride from Prague is like.

  16. esther

    I only can say: WHAAAT! This town is incredibly pretty and cosy! The colourful streets… oh! they look really nice!! Good to know of the existance of this place so when we visit Prague we can scape there too!! 🙂

  17. CurlyCurlyK

    I love these photos! What an adorably quaint little town. I’ve been to Prague twice, but never ventured out of it. I will need to next time to give this place a look! The castle looks so wonderful *__*!

  18. Priyanka Singh

    Neither Church nor wooden house looks that much old that means these buildings are highly maintained which is a good sign in maintaining any heritage site. And agree with your point for European streets mostly all of it are so eye soothing and full of charm.

  19. Awara Diaries

    Indeed! These towns are rarely visited by international tourists. Yet, it’s wonderful how everything is well preserved and documented with the required details for tourists. It was quite an experience visiting Litomysl for us as well 🙂

  20. Awara Diaries

    It indeed is a beautiful town! Initially we too had planned to visit Prague alone, but the team from Czech Tourism recommended that we visit some towns too. It was one of the best decision because each town had something different to offer!

  21. Awara Diaries

    You definitely must! And if you need any help with the planning/details, feel free to connect with us. Would love to help!

  22. Awara Diaries

    The train ride to Litomysl was quite a scenic one. Czech looked prettier from the inside and Prague is a very small part of it’s beauty! You must definitely explore Litomsyl the next time round 🙂

  23. Awara Diaries

    Thank you Snigdha! Glad you enjoyed reading this post. We loved exploring these towns as much. They had such a pleasant and peaceful vibe, like that of a perfect vacation 🙂

  24. Awara Diaries

    We were fortunate to get these recommendations from our friends at the Czech Tourism. We’ve been blown by the way even the smallest of towns and their heritage along with the contemporary system is maintained. It’s something everybody must note and learn from!

  25. Awara Diaries

    I absolutely agree with you! What we loved about this town was the range that it had to offer despite being a small town. We also had a great culinary experience here! It was delightful especially because there wasn’t a typical flock of tourists and the locals were more inviting!

  26. Awara Diaries

    True! There’s an added charm to towns with colorful buildings. Makes them look like paintings! The graffiti in American towns is one thing that truly excites us. Will have a look at your post too!

  27. Awara Diaries

    Indeed! Litomysl is a great balance of old world charm and the modern day delights. Well maintained, infrastructurally developed, this town was a much of a delight!

  28. Awara Diaries

    It truly was! Our accommodation in this town was also like one out those Hollywood movies with wine bottles, cozy rooms, brick walls and aesthetically beautiful decor!

  29. Awara Diaries

    May the coming year take you to one of our favorite countries- Czech Republic!

    Happy travels 🙂

  30. Awara Diaries

    Litomysl is like a perfect weekend getaway! You’ll need just a day to explore the town, but with it’s vibe, you’d love to stay longer and relax 🙂

  31. Abhinav Singh

    I didn’t even know about Litomysl until I hit this blog. Prague sure steals all the limelight but gems like these also need due attention.

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