Explore Cesky Krumlov In 1 Day – The Complete Guide

Explore Cesky Krumlov In 1 Day – The Complete Guide

Cesky Krumlov

This stunning town was not in our itinerary till the last moment, but we anyway decided to visit it & it was the best on-the-spot decision we had taken. 😀

Out of all the towns we visited in Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov was the most energetic, youthful & full of life. It was filled with tourists but it was totally worth it.

How to reach?

Cesky Krumlov is connected to Prague & other international cities like Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava & Munich. You can either take a bus or a train to reach Cesky Krumlov.

For a comfortable & scenic journey, take the Ceske Drahy train from Prague H.N. to Ceske Budejovice. Change the train from Ceske Budejovice to reach Cesky Krumlov. It takes about 3.5 hours including the train change.

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Route – Prague – Ceske Budejovice – Cesky Krumlov

There are direct buses going from Prague & other major cities to Cesky Krumlov. From Prague, it takes about 3 hours by bus. Student Agency & Leo Express are the best companies of the lot.

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Starting point: The town center

1. The Town Centre

Cesky Krumlov Centre

Every European town starts from its centre. Cesky Krumlov is a wonderful town with an ever-vibrant centre. Its full of quaint cafes, colorful souvenir shops & chilled-out bars. It is definitely a treat to sip a coffee (or beer) while sitting on the street of this beautiful town listing to some amazing street musicians.

When you are in Cesky Krumlov, breathe.

2. Cesky Krumlov Castle & Chateau

Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov’s main attraction is definitely its castle. It is huge, spacious & has some marvelous spots from where you can see the entire town. If you just want to walk around the castle, its for free. If you want to go to the top of the castle tower, you must a small fee of 50 CZK (Highly recommended).

There are paid tours as well if you want to explore

It might take up at least half your day if you are planning to see the castle, chateau & the castle tower, so keep that mind while planning a visit to Cesky Krumlov.

3. Cesky Krumlov Castle’s Garden

Cesky Krumlov Castle Garden

Just behind the castle, you can visit the castle garden. It’s huge, consists of beautiful fountains & perfect for a picnic. The fountain looks a lot like the one in Schonbrunn Palace of Vienna. It is also an ideal place to see the sunset.

4. Latran Houses

Latran Houses

One of the busiest streets of Cesky Krumlov is the Latran Street. With pretty buildings on both sides, Latran Street & Latran Houses are one of the must-see sights of Cesky Krumlov. This street also leads you to the Castle. There’s a church, monastery & the famous Budejovicka gate nearby.

5. Church of St. Vitus

Church of St. Vitus

The St. Vitus Church is a famous church of Cesky Krumlov. The origin of this church is approximately 700 years old. With time, the church kept growing & became bigger. Today, it is a gem of this town. Do pay a visit to this church to experience a blissful feeling.

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6. Egon Schiele Museum

Egon Schiele Museum

Egon Schiele was one of the most famous artists in the world. During his stay in Cesky Krumlov, he made a lot of paintings yet, he was thrown out of the town for drawing objects considered forbidden during that time. His paintings are colorful & deep. The museum is a must-visit.

7. Moldavite Museum

Moldavite Museum

Moldavite is a stone found only in South Bohemia. It is not a natural Earthly stone, but it is found from the meteorite which hit Earth millions of years ago. This is a unique & astonishingly hi-tech compared to any other museums in the world. The entire story of Moldavite is interesting which makes your visit to Moldavite Museum worthwhile.

8. Vltava River Adventures

Vltava River

Anywhere you go in Cesky Krumlov, you are most likely to cross Vltava River more than once. This river is full of fun & adventures. You can go for rafting, rent a kayak or a simple boat to row around. You can also go for tubing (which is dangerous yet full of adventure).

If you don’t have any prior experience in this kind of sports, make sure you go for the guided adventure trip.

9. Pub Crawl

Cesky Krumlov is full of young people. It’s vibrant & energetic atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to go for bar hopping or a pub crawl. There are a lot of companies which offer pub crawls throughout the day (and night) around town. One unique kind of pub crawl is the river pub crawl. In this, instead of walking, you have to go river rafting. You can stop at as many bars as you want & drink as much beer as you like. Kindly do not over-drink & raft! It can be hazardous. 🙂

Excited to visit Cesky Krumlov? Visit Cesky Krumlov Tourism’s official website & Czech Republic Tourism’s official website for more information.

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