Our First e-Book: Learnings From My Travels

It’s been a year since the global pandemic locked us in our homes, making us do the otherwise unthinkable- take a break, spend time with ourselves, with family. For many of us, the lockdown was a period of awakening. After all those hours of being caged up in our tiny homes, at some point we had to get into the reflection mode and ask ourselves, ‘What am I doing?’ and ‘Is it really worth it?’ Of course, given the varied circumstances that we all were living in and our individual journeys to that point did play a major role in how these conversations with ourselves shaped up.

Personally, for us, it was the cancelled travel plans and the urge to experience the outdoors again was that truly bothered us. The biggest question, ‘Why do we travel?’ was inevitable and kept coming back to us. With the support of all the photographs, the videos, the travel notes, brochures, and souvenirs that surrounded us, we chose the easy way out. To revisit our travels through all the memories that we had collected over time.



















Do you know what’s the beauty of life? We always plan for the best case but it’s all that goes wrong that strengthens us and prepares us for our best desires. With travel, it is no different. While beautiful destinations and happy pictures made us smile all over again, it was the travel gone wrong that made for the best stories. Some made us laugh hard, and almost all of these stories made us feel grateful for all the journeys we had taken and the stories we had lived to tell.

That, my friends, is what we call Awara Diaries Learnings. From the good, the bad, the f*** ups, and the serendipitous events, there were stories to tell and lessons to learn which stay with us for a lifetime. And that’s how we knew, we had to reach more people with our real, in-depth stories and that’s how our first e-book was born.

We present to you- Learnings from My Travels by Parampara Patil Hashmi and Parichay Mehta

Buy it here: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08XW3C3Y9

We look forward to your thoughts, reviews, and the stories that you may have to share that brought up such moments of learning and realizations.

Till then, happy reading!