Deutsche Bahn: The Amazing German Train Company

Deutsche Bahn: The Amazing German Train Company

Deutsche Bahn is a German train company. It is one of the oldest & most popular train companies of Europe. Germany has the 6th largest train network in the world.

My review is based on the following routes:

1. Berlin – Cologne
2. Amsterdam – Cologne
3. Cologne – Paris
4. Munich – Fussen – Munich


Deutsche Bahn has some of the best trains in Europe, hence the cost of tickets or seat reservations is on a higher side. Still, compared to flight tickets, it is quite cheap but compared to bus tickets, it might become a little expensive. The cost of tickets are well-spent though. You will save a lot of time, can have a comfortable journey & of course, you will get to enjoy the prettiest landscapes of Germany.

Punctuality of Deutsche Bahn

Like Germans, even their trains are too punctual. If you are late by even a minute, you will miss your Deutsche Bahn train. You can totally bank on the time table while planning your days because the departure & arrival times of trains are never going to change. I simply loved the punctuality of Deutsche Bahn throughout Germany.


Be if first class or second, Deutsche Bahn is very comfortable. The seats are very good, leg space is great. There are separate plug points for every seat in most of their trains. There are special pedals to keep your feet as well. It feels like the Germans have taken a lot of care while making their trains.

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Between most German cities, Deutsche Bahn trains are quite frequent. On some popular routes, you will find trains every half an hour as well. It is advisable to reserve your seat in advance because on popular routes, the trains can get full really fast.


On most trains, you can enjoy free WiFi throughout your journey. Their internet is quite fast compared to other train companies in Europe. On popular routes, you will also find a cafe car. It is definitely an experience to have a coffee & some snacks in their dining car. Toilets are very clean & available in every coach.

Luggage Space

There is really a lot of space in Deutsche Bahn trains. At first, I was shocked to see so much space for people’s luggage because I wasn’t expecting any train company to remove seats just to accommodate bags in those places. You can accommodate smaller bags overhead or below your seats but that is not necessary considering there’s a lot of space in every coach.

Picture by Sebastian Kasten

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