16 Breathtaking Photos of Toledo, Spain

Where: Toledo, Spain

How To Get There: 1 hour drive from Madrid | 50 minutes by Train (Plaza Eliptica)

The beauty of Spain is the diversity, the shinning and the beauty in little things! Take a tour across the Spanish state and you’re most likely to bump into little gems. I’ve been to 3 Spanish cities- Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. And not one of them looked similar or got anywhere close to disappointing in comparison to the other. All 3 cities were unique and culturally rich while being different from the others. Which reminded me of my own country, India which has the similar quality of rich diversity, even more so.

On my second trip to Spain, I was very keen on visiting a Spanish town/village. Fortunately, I got that opportunity and took my chances to explore Toledo. Honestly, one of the key reasons for picking Toledo was it’s proximity to the capital city, Madrid.


Known as the Imperial City, Toledo was popular as the ‘City of Three Cultures’. It was once housed by the Christians, the Arabs, the Jews to earn this title. Even today, influences of the Christian, Moorish, Jewish and Islamic cultures are visible across the city. This Spanish boasts of over 2000 years of history and walking into this city will only take you back in time.

A visit to this city was like travelling back in time. Cobble stoned streets, architecture, the style of monuments, all were strongly rooted in history.

Did you know swords for the Roman legions were made in Toledo? The steel produced in this Spanish town has been a valued resource for centuries amongst warriors and even today, continue to hold importance. Weaponry for popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and wands in the Harry Potter movie series have been produced here, in Toledo.

Since it was our last day in Spain, we decided to skip the usual tourist attractions and walked around this beautiful medieval town from end to end.

If I were to be describe Toledo in one word, it would be poetry!

Would you like to visit Toledo? I have tried to capture some of this gorgeous town’s charm in the form of postcards.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to explore this medieval Spanish town!

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