Blue Car Rental: Probably The Best Car Rental Company of Iceland

Blue Car Rental: Probably The Best Car Rental Company of Iceland

Iceland is almost everyone’s dream destination, isn’t it? It should be because this country has a lot to offer. Be it geography, ecology, nature, people, art, monuments, Iceland has something to offer for everyone’s liking. The best way to explore this splendid country is, of course, by car.

The amazing road network, GPS-friendly cities & towns, and lack of other transport modes make car rental a better choice to get around the country. Hence, it becomes important to rent a car from a reputable car company. I rented a car for 15 days from a Reykjavik-based company called Blue Car Rental.

Here is a detailed review of Blue Car Rental (and a guide on how to choose the perfect car rental company).


Iceland is an expensive country. Literally, everything is super-expensive here including the cost of renting a car. On the internet, you will find many car rental companies. Some will offer cars at very cheap cost & some will be too expensive. You need to find the balance & check for hidden costs.

Blue Car Rental is not the cheapest car rental in Iceland but the cheapest ones often come with many hidden costs. In the end, what comes cheaper might quickly become expensive while returning the car. Don’t go for too expensive car rentals as well because they are not worth it.

Blue Car Rental strikes a perfect balance between the cost of the rental & quality.

The condition of the car

Blue Car Rental 1

Iceland is a rugged country. With a very sparse population & dramatic weather, the condition of your car holds utmost importance. You MUST get the car in the best possible condition. Cheaper car rentals will not give you that & they will justify it by saying that its fine.

It is not fine. The car I received from Blue Car Rental (Toyota RAV4) was as good as a new car. I drove through paved roads, unpaved roads, gravel roads, and snow but it the car never gave even a single problem. Now that’s really important when you are out taking a 4,000 km road trip around Iceland.


When you are in Iceland, it is advisable (by everyone) that you get a 4×4 car. It is more expensive than the normal cars but trust me, you must get a 4×4. You will thank me later. My Toyota RAV4 was clean from outside & inside as well. The seats were comfortable, climate controlled & equipped with AC/Heater.

Longer trips need a comfortable car, hence it is advisable to get an SUV even if you are less than 5 people. Spend more money if you have to, just to get a more comfortable car. Blue Car Rental has a wide range of cars that can fit your budget & help your comfort.

Services & Add-ons

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It is possible that your car might face some technical issue mid-way. What will you do in such cases? If you go for cheaper car rentals, they might not provide on-road assistance or 24×7 on-call service. Blue Car Rental is amazing in this case though.

If you face any issue as such, you can call them up any time to get it fixed. If it doesn’t get resolved on phone, they will send a technical person to your location to help you out as soon as possible. You can also go through some of Iceland’s websites on driving in Iceland.

You might want to add a few more things to your car like GPS, baby seats, extra driver. Everything costs extra but quite reasonable with Blue Car Rental. On their website, you can calculate the final cost & you pay what you see.

The reputation of Blue Car Rental

It is automatically assumed that before choosing anything like Airline, Hotel, Experience or in this case, a car rental company, we check various websites like Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook to know their reviews. I recommend you to do it for everything in case you are not doing it. Blue Car Rental has a great track record on all review websites & in the end, it is the reputation of a company that makes it trustworthy.

Pictures: Parichay Mehta

Planning a trip to Iceland? You can start here! 😉

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