Bardus Bistro: Quaint Norwegian Cafe

Bardus Bistro: Quaint Norwegian Cafe

Bardus Bistro Story

Okay, imagine this – You are in an unknown town. You are waiting for someone unknown. It’s freezing outside (4-5°C) & you spot a quaint looking café. You enter this café & they serve you a nice cup of coffee. Would you like it? Of course, you would!

I found Bardus Bistro like that. I was standing near the Tromso library or Bibliotek as they call it for someone. It was cold outside hence I went inside the café. I had 2 cups of coffee & it was one of the best coffees I had ever drank.

Bardus Bistro has many items on their menu, especially non-vegetarian. The prices are moderate. If you are not from the Scandinavian countries, you will find the prices expensive though. Their food looked delicious & coffee tasted yum.

The setup of the café is perfect. It feels cozy, warm & homely. The staff is really friendly & helpful. They suggested me things to eat as I eat only vegetarian food. They also let me keep our luggage with them so that I don’t have to roam around the town with my luggage.

If you are going to Tromso, Norway, Bardus Bistro is definitely one of the must visit eateries of the town. Do pay a visit & say hi to their lovely staff!

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Picture Credits: Bardus Bistro’s Facebook page

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