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Welcome to Awara Diaries

Hi from Team Awara Diaries!

We are Parampara & Parichay… travelers, storytellers, and digital entrepreneurs. Awara Diaries is our travel blog where we share stories, experiences, itineraries, recommendations, reviews from our travels.

While we share all of this, we really hope that we can inspire you to take your next trip and help you with planning the same with everything that we write about.

We also make it a point to share our experiences of travel gone wrong, our little misadventures, and the wonderful stories of people that we meet while traveling.

After all, travel is about gathering all those memories that we can cherish for a long time.

We promise to write things for what they are, without making our experiences and choices look glossy and glamorous. Many believe travel has become more of a trend than a real thing.

But we believe, the need for travel is real!

We also strongly promote self-travel or travel services that give you the scope to make most of your trip rather than just taking you across popular attractions, keeping you well in your comfort zone.

All the clichéd stories that you hear about traveling solo, going to new places, exploring new cultures, seeing the world… they are all very very real! But then, just because it is real, it need not be cherished by all. For those who can cherish it, it’s a boon that you must make the most of! And that’s exactly our game plan.

We wouldn’t deny that it’s extremely tempting to have an all stamped passport and ticking every country in the world off our travel list.

But the more important goal is to meet new people, experience new things, and feel the gratitude of being the small part of this wonderful universe.

We believe,

“Those who wander, discover!”

Also, we love experimenting, coming up with new ideas just for fun’s sake. So, we promise to keep coming up with stories and reads which will lighten up your day, give you interesting insights.

Stay tuned to our blog to know more about us and our travels and feel free to comment or connect in case you’re looking for any help with your travels.

Also, we’re awesome people so we do multiple things in addition to just writing about our travels!


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