Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari – The Ultimate Experience

Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari - The Ultimate Experience

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. During our trip to Auckland, we got to know about this tour called Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari. No matter how many times we have seen Dolphins, it is always fascinating to watch them again.

Boarding Pass Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari

Once we reached the pier from where the tour was supposed to start, we realized that it is not a usual tour. This fascinating safari was led by a team of marine researchers which made it a lot more interesting. The tour started with a set of instructions by the crew. We explored this special research vessel.

Auckland Skyline

After settling down on the front, we started going into the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.


Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari Dolphin Spotting

On the Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari, we were supposed to see Whales & Dolphins obviously. About 20 mins into the safari, we got close to a group of Dolphins. These Dolphins weren’t scared of humans or the vessel. In fact, the vessel was built in such a way that Dolphins got attracted to its waves. They were playing around the vessel, racing with it & this gave us a great opportunity to see Dolphins up & close from the vessel. This hide & seek with Dolphins went on for about half an hour. Everybody on board, including us, were overjoyed with this experience. Dolphins indeed are one of the cutest creatures on the planet.


Whale sighting

After Dolphins, the crew started searching for Whales. For the next half an hour, we did not see anything but then, we saw a large creature throwing water up in the air! There it was, a giant whale. This game of hide & seek with the Whale was even more interesting because it was quite unpredictable. Unlike Dolphins, we had to maintain a lot more distance from the Whale. We also saw a young Whale with its mother. The sight of those 2 Whales coming up together was majestic. There are some sights in life which are magical, this is one of them.

Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari stayed true to its name & got us up & close with Dolphins and Whales both. On board, I got to know about their mission which compelled me to write more about them.

Here’s Why Everyone Should Go For Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari

1. They are different


Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari is not a tour operator taking you on a normal tour. Their team is made up of marine researchers & volunteers. They are dedicated to a mission & you can feel the difference once you are onboard.

2. The special marine research vessel

Special Marine Research Vehicle

Their yacht is built for a specific purpose. Its design attracts Dolphins & it doesn’t hurt the other marine life. There are enough spots onboard for everyone to sit, stand & explore the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.

3. They are committed

Staff at Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari

Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari is committed to a mission to conserve the marine environment. So indirectly we, as tourists, also help in protecting the marine life. Also, it is always better when the guides are marine researchers because the commentary gets very in-depth. Their support staff is very friendly & knowledgeable.

4. They guarantee the sighting

Guaranteed Sightings

The team at Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari guarantees sighting of these magnificent marine creatures. If you are on a Safari & you don’t see Whales or Dolphins, you can go back again to them for another Safari for free! Now that’s not a guarantee any other tour can give, right?

5. They have a café onboard

Beer onboard

This entire Safari is about 4-5 hours long. In between the sightings, hunger can strike at any point. Well, there is a solution onboard in the form of a café. There are many snacks available here. If you fancy a hot or a cold drink, or a bottle of beer, you can buy it at the café.

You can book Auckland Whale And Dolphin Safari directly from their official website.

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