Airbnb In Malta – Is It A Good Idea?

Airbnb In Malta – Is It A Good Idea?

Malta is a beautiful island country located in Southern Europe. It is one of the Microstates but packed with culture, experiences, coasts, and of course, beaches. While planning our trip, we always compare hotels, hostels, and Airbnb for our stay. Our preference is always to go for a hostel or Airbnb though. So what do we think? Is Airbnb in Malta a good idea? We are happy to confirm that it is a great idea.

While Malta is a small country, it has lots of hotels ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. Hotels are mostly located in major tourist hotspots like Valletta, 3 Cities, Sliema, St. Julians, etc. Hostels can be found but there are very few and you might not even feel motivated to stay there. Airbnb, on the other hand, is in abundance. They are cheaper than the hotels, are better located on the island, offer more services, and of course, are more comfortable due to the amenities that it provides.

Airbnb in Malta is better because of various reasons. Personally, we prefer Airbnb over hotels because of the interactions with a local person (the host, usually). It also feels more homely and most of the time, located on a nice street. Hotels have their own advantages though. It is most of the time more luxurious, it provides instant services when needed, and often, hotels are closer to the city center.

Location Of Our Airbnb In Malta

Our Airbnb in Malta was located in Senglea, one of the three cities. It was located on a quiet street which was just 5 mins away from the coast. It was a residential area so there was ample amount of parking available for scooters, cars, and bicycles. The bus terminal was just 2 mins away from the apartment. The area had a few local grocery stores, a Pastizzeria shop, and a few bars. The area felt very safe and the neighbor next door made sure that our stay was comfortable.

Quality Of The Stay

Our room was big enough. Almost close to the size of any normal hotel room. There was an adjacent room that had two desks, chairs, etc. for people who wanted to use it as a study room. The room had a comfortable bed, a large wardrobe, side tables, enough bedding, blanket and pillows, and lots of plugs for our devices to get charged simultaneously. The toilet was private, however, it was outside the room. It was the only hassle in this Airbnb.

Other Amenities

It was a shared Airbnb which means we only had a private room with a bathroom to us. The rest of the facilities – Kitchen, Common area, etc. – were shared with the other guests. Kitchen was well-equipped with utensils and appliances. There was a dining table for 4 as well. The Kitchen and the common area were together. There was a TV with Netflix on it. The internet worked pretty well too.

Things To Keep In Mind While Booking An Airbnb In Malta

  • Check the distance from the main towns and cities. The public transport in Malta consists of just buses which are almost never on time. If you want to save time, better stay near the city center.
  • Check if there is parking available. It is most likely that you are going to rent a vehicle to save time. If there isn’t parking available nearby, it is not a great idea to rent that Airbnb.
  • Maltese houses are made up of stones mostly. They get cold quickly. Even if it is sunny outside, your Airbnb might be freezing inside. Check the heating arrangements with the host before booking.
  • Finally, don’t go for an Airbnb which is far from the bustling areas. The non-touristy areas of Malta look like ghost towns even during the day, so nighttime is going to be pretty difficult if you stay somewhere in such areas.

If you have any questions regarding Airbnb in Malta, or in general anything about Malta, ask them in the comments below. If you have stayed in a Maltese Airbnb, let us know your experience as well!


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