9 Things To Do In Bratislava, Slovakia

9 Things To Do In Bratislava, Slovakia


The capital city of Slovakia is usually not on everyone’s bucket list. Some of the Indians who visit Eastern & Central Europe keep half a day for Bratislava city tour. Most of them haven’t even heard much about this spectacular city.

That’s a shame because Bratislava was one of the most beautiful, most peaceful & friendliest cities on our trip. If there was 1 country (other than Norway) where I’d live for the rest of my life, it has to be Slovakia.

How to reach?

Bratislava is well connected with other European capitals. You can reach Bratislava by train from Prague (4 hours), Budapest (2.5 hours), Vienna (1 hour) and many other cities. You can also take the bus from these cities. Although, I’d recommend the train.

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The best way to reach Bratislava from Vienna is by cruise. It takes about 50 mins & the ride is stunning.

So when you are in Bratislava, how should you spend your day?

1. The Old Town

The prettiest part of Bratislava is definitely its old town. Take a walk around the cobbled-stone, narrow streets, eat & drink in quaint cafes & marvel at its architecture. If you are interested in the historical part, join the city walk that starts from Bratislava Tourism Board’s office near the old town.

2. Devin Castle

Bratislava Devin Castle

There are good evenings, great evenings & an evening spent at the Devin Castle. The castle is a ruin yet it offers the spectacular view of Danube & Moravia Rivers. If you an early riser, catch the beautiful sunrise. The best thing about Devin Castle is that you don’t have to travel too far from the city. It is about 10 mins drive away from the city center & there are buses going to & fro regularly.

3. Bratislava Castle

 9 Things To Do In Bratislava, Slovakia

The Bratislava Castle can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. It is located on a hill above the old town. This castle is undoubtedly the most important monument of the city. It holds a lot of historical artifacts. Bratislava Castle is where Slovak Parliament takes place. You can also visit the Slovak National Museum located inside the castle.

4. Blue Church

Inside the Church of St. Elisabeth

The name is obvious. Blue Church is blue in color & it is absolutely beautiful! The entire theme of the church (Exterior & Interior) has been maintained with shades of blue. The Blue Church is about 100 years old & a must visit sight in Bratislava.

5. St. Martin’s Cathedral

St. Martin's Cathedral

700 years old Cathedral is one of the loveliest sights of Bratislava. St. Martin’s Cathedral is filled with an amazing historical story. The importance of St. Martin’s Cathedral can be seen from the fact that for nearly 270 years, this place was appointed as the coronation church for Hungarian kings.

6. Michael’s Gate

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Out of several gates of Bratislava’s old town, Michael’s Gate is the most important one. It is still in a mint condition. Visitors are allowed to climb the top & see the outstanding panoramic view of the old town. You’ll have to climb 7 floor for that. 😛

7. Bridge SNP & UFO Restaurant

Restaurant UFO

One of the striking structures of Bratislava is the Bridge SNP. At one end of Bridge SNP (Slovak National Uprising), there is a spaceship-like tower. This is the watch tower & a lavish restaurant

8. Food

Bratislava is known for its easy-going lifestyle. It is also known for the world cuisine.If you’re looking for some quick bites, head to Street 54 for some of the best burgers & traditional Slovak fast food items. They also have some veg. options (Good news for vegetarians like me). 😛

The best restaurant with the best view in the entire city is Sky Bar. Sky Bar is located near the old town itself. It offers a panoramic view of the old town. Fantastic food, courteous staff, crazy cocktails & soothing view, Sky Bar scores perfect in all sections. Do not miss it!


Visiting Bratislava & not getting drunk? Ehh! That’s not fair. Bratislava is known for its alcohol consumption. There are many bars, clubs, lounges & niche alcohol places around the city. Nothing beats Martin’s Grand Cru Wine Gallery.

This is also the place where Parampara got locked in the bathroom. Read about that embarassing experience here! 😛

You MUST visit this place & meet Martin. He’s the best person when it comes to talking, cracking joking, drinking wine & having fun.

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  1. Neha Verma

    Wonderful list of things to do. Devin Castle reminds me of some centuries old forts that I visited back home in Rajasthan last year. And the blue church looks so beautiful from inside. The old town also has such a charm about it, I fail to capture it in words but I can feel it. Will remember these when I visit here

  2. Indrani

    I could do some of these in the 7 to 8 hours I was there. Could spot the quirky statues in the streets there? We enjoyed serching them out during my day trip there.

  3. JB1989

    We lived in Bratislava for a year and a half before moving back to Sweden. My first thought is if you have been to Bratislava, due to the fact that most photos are taken by others and don’t represent how the city looks today. Hopefully I’m wrong as the city really is something that I would recommend you to visit. 🙂

  4. Swati Sammie

    Bratislava is such a beautiful place. We have been planning a trip to Czech, Slovakia and Hungary for quite some time now. Love the pic of Devin Castle.

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