5 International Trips That You Can Take Under 30k

5 International Trips That You Can Take Under 30k

A cheap trip to an exotic international destination! Now c’mmon, isn’t that one of your favorite dream? Forget 50k; I am here to recommend trips that you can you take within 30K! Yes, you’re reading correctly.

Here are the 5 countries that can be possibly toured within under INR 30K.

1. Sri Lanka

5 International Trips That You Can Take Under 30k

Visa: 2K

Transport: 10-16k Return Airfare from Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai

Accommodation: INR 400 onwards (per night)

2. Nepal


Visa: No Visa Required

Transport: 10K Return Airfare from Delhi

Accommodation: INR 250 onwards (per night)

3. Bhutan


Visa: No Visa Required (For Indians)

Transport: 10K Return Airfare to Bagdogra. Take a taxi/bus from the airport to the India-Bhutan border. From Bhutanese side, you can take taxi/bus again to reach the capital of Bhutan (7-8 hours by road)

Accommodation: INR 600 onwards (per night)

4. Thailand


Visa: 2K (1,000 Baht)

Transport: International: 8K-14K Return Airfare from Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai & Delhi

Accommodation: INR 500 onwards (per night)

Also check options for food in Bangkok & things to do in Koh Sa Mui.

5. Indonesia


Visa: No Visa Required (for 30days)

Transport: International: 15K from Kochi

Accommodation: Approx. INR 2600 (for 5Nights)

It’s always a wiser call to pick hostels over major hotels when all you plan to do is go sight-seeing.

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Your food expenses are all about your choices. While street food will cost you less, it’s also a major deal of you’re not adaptable to the local tastes. It’salways a good idea to stalk some dry snacks from home before you head out. It’ll be relief to your taste buds and give your unnecessary food expenses for the smaller hunger pangs a good break.

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Travelling together in a group to such destinations could also be helpful as it help you split per person costs, especially the transport costs.

Pack your bags & get going!

If you have a destination that could be a part of this list, tell us in the comments below.

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Paramparā aka Cinemawaali is Bombay girl living in Vienna. Studying sustainability & telling stories about all things travel, culture & entertainment.


  1. Himanshu Tewari

    Very nice and informative blog. I have been to Bhutan and Indonesia. Bhutan was the cheapest. I was able to do it for under 15k including tiger nest and all. Thanks for sharing!

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