5 Campaigns by Airlines That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Apart from having big pockets, airlines are also known for their generosity during their marketing campaigns. I went through a lot of campaigns to get the 5 best marketing campaigns by these airlines. Here’s a list of 5 campaigns by airlines that will put a smile on your face (you might cry out of happiness as well):

5. Virgin America’s VX Safety Dance

Richard Branson & Virgin Atlantic is known for its classy taste in everything. The culture at Virgin Atlantic is ultra-modern, casual & friendly. They are known to be in line with all new trends. In 2013, Virgin America did one hell of a safety video. It was a bold, daring attempt at re-creating safety instructions in the form of a dance number.

Only Virgin Atlantic can do this!

4. Cebu Pacific’s Its Sunny in The Philippines

Budget airlines do not spend a lot of money on advertising because that’s how they save money. Cebu Pacific is Philippines’ largest budget airline. They wanted to get more people from Hong Kong (in Hong Kong’s monsoon season) to Philippine’s sunny beaches.

Their campaign was executed at minimal cost & grabbed maximum eyeballs. Well done, Cebu Pacific.

3. Air New Zealand’s Middle-Earth

If you are a fan of The Lord of The Rings, you obviously will be connecting New Zealand with Middle-Earth. And that’s what Air New Zealand did in collaboration with The Hobbit. They made the most perfect in-flight safety video ever. They made safety videos with The Hobbit’s 1st part & the 3rd part.

The videos also featured Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood & other actors of The Hobbit.

Which one is your favorite?

2. West Jet’s Christmas Miracle

The Canadian airline WestJet did something on the Christmas that nobody would have thought of!

It all started with a simple task. Passengers had to scan their boarding pass at the kiosk & tell Santa what they wanted. Passengers obviously took it as a joke & asked for things ranging from socks & toys to Big screen TV. Little did they know that their wishes were going to come true soon after the landing.

I won’t be describing it further, just watch the video below & cry happily

1. British Airways: Fuelled By Love

British Airways shares an old bond with India. Since 1924 to be precise. This emotional video is around a British Airways crew member who gets to visit India for the first time. She forms a bond with an Indian lady, it grows by the end of the flight. Finally, the lady gives the crew member her home address & invites to experience Indian family’s hospitality. The crew member visits the house & falls in love with India, its warm people, & the beautiful culture.

This campaign earned lots of cheers for British Airways in India. It was widely appreciated internationally as well.

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