5 Budget Friendly Cameras For Your Next Trip

5 Budget Friendly Cameras For Your Next Trip

Every trip is incomplete without some amazing pictures of the landscape, some memories, and a lot of bad pictures that one can use to blackmail the loved ones! Compromising on this aspect is not even an option and we need to have a decent camera that is our trip companion and memory maker. Do not worry if you do not have one. You can see this list of budget friendly cameras and figure out the best one for you. It would also have the best camera from each category so you can see which is the best for you and voila! You are ready for the trip and some amazing moments!

1. Nikon D3500 DSLR

Nikon D3500 Budget Friendly Cameras

When it comes to budget friendly cameras, Nikon D3500 DSLR is powerful enough to meet all your needs for photography and videography. It would give you stellar pictures and make sure that each moment goes perfectly in sync with the things that you want to capture.


  • 2 MP sensor
  • 11 autofocus points
  • ISO- 100-25600

Pros: Great image quality, Good battery Life, Value for Money

Cons: No touchscreen, No 4k video recording

2. Fujifilm XT200 Mirrorless

Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera Budget Friendly Cameras

This marvel from Fujifilm is for the people who like using the latest technology and want nothing but the best image quality. The XT200 is one of the best mirrorless budget friendly cameras, which means it is lighter, faster, and portable compared to the DSLRs. This should be your pick if you want to take super quality pictures and also nice videos on the go. However, the battery life is not as great as it is a mirrorless camera so be prepared to take a charger with you or keep an extra battery ready!


  • Full 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • 2MP resolution sensor
  • 425 Autofocus points

Pros: Best in Class picture quality, Large touchscreen, Fully operable controls

Cons: No headphone jack, low battery life, No built-in image stabilization

3. Sony W830

Sony W380 Budget Friendly Cameras

This is a simple yet power-packed option for people who are looking for a no-fuss camera. It embeds the point and shoots technology and as the name suggests, there is an option to simply point at your subject and shoot it while the camera does the hard work. It is very easy to use and boasts inbuilt editing as well as optical zoom.


  • Optical zoom 8x
  • 1 Zeiss lens
  • Steadyshot image stabilization

Pros: Good image quality, Basic inbuilt editing, and optical zoom

Cons: Video recording limited to 720p

4. GoPro Hero 10 Action Camera

GoPro Hero 10 Budget Friendly Cameras

No travel camera list can be complete without an inclusion from GoPro. The stalwarts of action camera have come up with a marvel named Hero 10 which boasts of all the incredible features of the Hero series with some additions. You can literally take this camera underwater up to 33 feet and it would still be recording superb photos and videos. The ruggedness speaks for itself and every traveller would have come across a GoPro at some point or the other.


  • 3k Video resolution
  • Hyper smooth 4 stabilization
  • 8x Slow Motion

Pros: Compatible with a variety of mounts, unmatched quality and durability, perfect travel companion

Cons: Heavy, okayish low light performance, okay battery life

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Fujifilm Instax Mini Budget Friendly Cameras

Nothing matches the joy of getting the prints of the photo on the spot. The world might have gone digital and everything would be online but the charm of a printed photo is out of the world. If you want that charm, Instax Mini 11 is your best choice. It is a cute and gorgeous camera that would give you the print in 2 to 3 minutes.


  • High-performance flashes
  • Selfie mode
  • Variety of colours

Pros: Instant pictures, Cute and bubbly design, portable.

Cons: Basic camera, No editing option before print, poor low light performance.

That is our list of the best budget friendly cameras in each of the categories. There is a type of camera for every type of traveller. We hope you like the list and if you would like to suggest something, let us know in the comments.

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