20 Unique Things To Do In Goa, India

20 Unique Things To Do In Goa, India

There are so many places that you can explore in the tiny Indian state of Goa, but we are here to know more about some of the most unique things to do in Goa. Let’s get right to it!

Things To Do In Goa

1. Visit the hippie market of Ingo to buy some unusual souvenirs

Ingo's Saturday Nite Market, Arpora - Goa

Goa is famous for its markets & Ingo market is one of the most popular ones. You can shop for unusual souvenirs which are on sale from Europeans, Asians & Americans.

2. Get on top of St. Anthony’s beach shack to enjoy a sunset

St Anthony's Shack Goa

There are many beach shacks available on Goan beaches. St. Anthony’s beach shack is a double-decker shack located on a relatively quiet beach.

3. Take a short term Yoga training program by the beach

Dancer on the Sunset Beach

Become a certified Yoga teacher by taking up a short term course. There are 200, 300 & 500 hours’ long courses available in Goa.

4. Check out Olive Ridley turtles at Galgibaga beach

Morjim Beach 13.2.18

Goa is not only about beach parties by humans. Goa is also favorite among Olive Ridley turtles. During the season, you can see thousands of new-born turtles rushing towards the ocean.

5. Climb the old remains of Cabo de Rama Fort in South Goa

Cabo de Rama fort [4217]

There are many ancient Portuguese forts in Goa. Cabo de Rama, an old fort located in South Goa, is a perfect place to hike & check out the view from the top. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Goa on your holiday.

6. Indulge in true Indian spices at one of the spice farms

Sahakari Spice Farm Goa, india

India is also known as the land of spices. Take a tour of an Indian spice farm to check out the different kinds of spices, its history & enjoy a delicious Indian meal on site.

7. Go on a day trip from Goa to India’s second highest waterfall

Dudhsagar falls is India’s second highest waterfall located only 2 hours away from Panjim. Do not miss the sight of a train passing the bridge with the backdrop of Dudhsagar falls.

8. Pray at one of the most revered temples of Goa

Goa is not only about churches. There are many ancient temples & a thriving Hinduism in the state. Laxmi Narasimha temple is quite different when it comes to the size, the architecture & the serenity.

9. Get a free fish pedicure at the bubbling lake of Netravali

The bubbling lake gets its name from the Methane bubbles that come from the bottom. If you want to get a free fish pedicure, dip your feet in the lake & enjoy the private pond pedicure. Talking about uniquely weird things to do in Goa, this tops the list!

10. Take a bike trip to Chorla Ghats to see Indian Leopards

day 7: Chorla Ghats/Wildernest Nature Resort

Western Ghat is one of the most famous ecological locations in India. Taking a road trip here is an amazing experience, especially in the morning. Misty surrounding, tropical forest & Indian leopard make a good storytelling material.

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11. Head to the bird sanctuary to spot native & migratory birds


Take a ferry from Panjim to Chorao Island to visit a mangrove habitat. If you are an avid birdwatcher, you will enjoy spotting many domestic & migratory birds at Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

12. Check out a 1000 years old temple of Kadamba Dynasty inside a park

If you want to get away from the beaches, head to Mollem National Park. In this park, you can visit the Kadamba Dynasty’s temple which is about 1000 years old. It is not a popular monument so make sure you have enough water & snacks when you head here.

13. Take a stroll in the famous Saturday Night market to enjoy world cuisines

At the Saturday nite bazaar... Goa

The most famous Saturday Night market of Arpora is a treat for every traveler. Even if you don’t want to shop, just head to the market for global cuisine, souvenirs & wacky, impromptu shows.

14. Unearth the secrets of the historical caves of Pandavas

Mahabharat is one of the most famous epics of India. The 5 brothers of Pandavas spent some time in Goa as well & caves of Arvalem are living proof of it. This is not one of the top things to do in Goa for many tourists but we recommend it if you love mythology.

15. Witness a gorgeous sunset from a cruise in the Mandovi River

Onboard the Dhow

Do not leave Goa without witnessing a sunset, especially from a river cruise. The popular Mandovi River has many sunset cruises which offer beverages onboard. Sip on that tea while seeing a gorgeous sunset

16. Check out 50,000 years old rock carvings in Sanguem region

Elephant petroglyph

A piece of ancient history was discovered in 1993. Head to Usgalimal to see some of the oldest rock carvings of the continent. There are many interesting aspects of art like animals, symbols, cosmology & other occult symbols.

17. See a traditional Tiatr (Konkani drama) in Panjim


Tiatr is Konkani plays which are at the core of Goan culture. You can catch these traditional plays in Panjim.

18. Go Dolphin spotting in the Arabian Sea

Another shot of the Dolphins

The Arabian Sea is famous for its aquatic life & Goan coastline is famous for dolphins. Head to Sinquerim & hop on one of the boats to spot finless porpoises & humpback dolphins.

19. Explore the only Portuguese Latin Quarter of India

Street of Color

Panjim is truly an amalgamation of different cultures. The effect of Portuguese culture is clearly visible in the capital, especially the area of Fontainhas. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Zone & today, it’s a bustling area full of hotels, restaurants, galleries & other important buildings. If you are visiting Goa, exploring this Latin quarter should be on the top of your list about things to do in Goa.

20. Taste Feni & other local brands of alcohols

distilling cashew fenny

Feni is an alcoholic beverage made from cashews. It is a Goan specialty & one must be cautious while consuming it because it smells gross. Goa also has a lot of domestic alcoholic beverages & it’s cheaper than the rest of India, so drink your heart out.

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