15 Beautiful Post Cards From Positano, Italy

When it comes to Italy, all the places look extraordinary. But there is something about Southern part of Italy that fascinates everybody. We went to Positano & simply fell in love with it!

How To Reach Positano?

Positano is located in the Southern part of Italy. The nearest major city near Positano is Naples. There are multiple transport options to reach Positano from Naples.

Train & Bus: The most cost-effective way of traveling from Naples is by catching a train to Sorrento & then take from Sorrento to Positano. The train journey takes about an hour & it is very scenic as well. The one-way ticket will cost you around EUR 3.60. The bus journey between Sorrento & Positano is another 1 hour & the bus ticket costs EUR 10. This bus ticket is valid for unlimited journeys within 24 hours in the region. This transport combination is the cheapest option.

Taxi & Rental Car: This is another option if you prefer more private transportation. There are many taxi companies which provide packages to Positano from Naples & their costs vary from EUR 50 to EUR 100 per person depending on the itinerary. It is definitely expensive but also more enjoyable as you can stop anywhere to take pictures on the coast.

There are many car rental companies in Naples where you can get a car starting from EUR 20 per day + fuel expenses. The distance is hardly 60 km one way so if you love driving, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to drive on one of the most spectacular roads in the world. If you want to drive only around Positano & Amalfi, you can also rent a car from these towns as well. This is definitely a lot faster than train & bus combination.

Once you are in here, there are a lot of things to do, many museums to visit, great pizzerias to eat at & don’t forget the limoncello. Stay on the amazing beach & enjoy the beauty of Amalfi Coast.

Pictures: Awara Diaries

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